Look At Miss Ohio4:16
Make Me A Pallet On Your Floor2:45
Wayside / Back In Time3:28
I Had A Real Good Mother And Father3:14
One Monkey5:36
No One Knows My Name3:16
One Little Song3:12
I Made A Lovers Prayer5:03
Wrecking Ball4:56

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    Version DetailsData Quality
    Cover of Soul Journey, 2003-06-03, CDSoul Journey
    CD, Album
    Acony Records – ACNY-0305US2003US2003
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Soul Journey, 2003, CDSoul Journey
    CD, Album
    Acony Records – 50466 6868 2, WEA – 50466 6868 2Europe2003Europe2003
    Cover of Soul Journey, 2003, CDSoul Journey
    CD, Album
    Acony / Stony Plain – SPCD 1291Canada2003Canada2003
    Cover of Soul Journey, 2003, CDrSoul Journey
    CDr, Album, Promo
    Acony Records – noneUK2003UK2003
    New Submission
    Cover of Soul Journey, 2015-08-17, VinylSoul Journey
    LP, Album, Reissue, Remastered, Test Pressing, 180 Gram
    Music On Vinyl – MOVLP1560Europe2015Europe2015
    New Submission
    Cover of Soul Journey, 2018-08-10, VinylSoul Journey
    LP, Album, Reissue, Remastered
    Acony Records – ACNY-0305LPUS2018US2018



    • JT-'s avatar
      It is a great recording and mastering, but my copy pressed off centre (and my copy of The Harrow & The Harvest seriously edge warped) - so much for Quality Record Pressings!
      • _HOUSEOFVINYL's avatar
        WOW....what a pressing, the dynamics, and separation of instruments! Excellent mastering, a must-have in anyone's Audiophile collection.
        • trisweb's avatar
          Just a stunning album, recording, mastering, pressing, all around perfect. Absolutely black quiet background, tons of detail, dynamics all up and down the range, depth, everything. Sometimes you forget how good vinyl can sound and then a masterpiece like this hits you right in the ears.
          • J-Keller's avatar
            I’ve always loved this record, which I originally bought on CD. I’ve actually never heard it on vinyl. I read the reviews here and thought I’d purchase the record and give it a whirl. My god, is this pressing spectacular! First of all, this is show-off-your-system/reference material. The soundstage, the clarity, the instrument separation, the imaging, Gillian’s voice (I could really go on and on) are all perfect. There’s no question this album is one of the better sounding LP’s in my entire collection. An absolute gem.
            • Donelaitis's avatar
              Edited 3 years ago
              God damn does this record sound fantastic. Just purchased it from the official Gillian Welch site and it arrived perfectly packaged and in pristine condition. Flat vinyl, no marks, no pressing flaws, nearly non-existent noise floor. QRP showing their prowess once again. In terms of mastering, with quality headphones on it sounds like Gillian is sitting next to you and singing right into your ear. I wish every artist took so much care and had so much pride in using quality all-analog equipment. It sure shows in the sound quality.
              • sunken.treasure's avatar
                Sad to hear that some have had issues. My copy is absolutely pristine and is by far, no exaggeration - one of the BEST sounding records in my entire collection, hands down... in over 1,400 records. This is one I reach for as a reference album for what “good” should sound like in my system when changing the cartridge and doing alignments. For those who may not know, Gillian and David Rawlings actually bought their own record press and cut their records independently themselves on the Acony label. The quality is there.
                • MrShocktime's avatar
                  First copy I owned had terrible surface noise at the beginning of each side. Second copy plays excellently!
                  • wilky77's avatar
                    No problems here. Wiped her down changed the sleeve sounds awesome!
                    • all4vinyl's avatar
                      My first copy had two white specs causing skips. I returned it. Second copy is simply a poor pressing; excess rumble, rotational noise. Very very disappointed. Struggling with whether to subject my beloved local record store to yet another return. :(
                      • vinyl_aotearoa's avatar
                        Sorry that others have had issues with theirs but my vinyl is almost perfect apart from one or two very quiet minor clicks here and there.
                        I wish all my vinyl sounded this good

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