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Theo ParrishMoonlight Music & You

Style:Deep House



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Cover of Moonlight Music & You, 1997-12-00, VinylMoonlight Music & You
12", 33 ⅓ RPM
Sound Signature – SS 002US1997US1997
Cover of Moonlight Music & You, 1997-12-00, VinylMoonlight Music & You
12", 33 ⅓ RPM, White Label
Sound Signature – SS 002US1997US1997
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  • franco334578's avatar
    Up there with Theo's best - could probably even be underrated
    • guzzer's avatar
      There is definitely a 2016 Repress in addition to the 2020 Repress
      • Fals's avatar
        vocal sample in music: "it equals music, it equals birth"


        "do you heal things? do you care?"
        • jonrust's avatar
          masterful monotony
          • kool_fraser's avatar
            Edited 17 years ago
            To build upon the previous person's comments, I would like to add that yes, the music is repetitive (as opposed to "monotonous") but this is a deliberate function of the music to create a trance, an attempt to freeze musical time so to speak.
            When listening to the same thing over and again we develop a sense of hypnosis, we loose all grasp of all our moorings to normal space and time. And this, I believe, is exactly what we are presented with here by Theo Parrish. Of special interest is also to note that the title of the track is specifically oriented toward nightime consumption (listening if you will), a fact that lends credence to the assumption that this music not only creates within itself a space and time of its own, a 'frozen' one, but also that the context in which it is meant to be consumed is also outside the bounds of mundane social life, of work and its trappings; it is intended to be consumed in the theatre of the night, the time of ludic activity and play, where the social differentiations that separate us all from each other like an iron grill in our day to day existences are systematically dissolved as we participate together in the music and the dance.
            Great track by Theo, nice and minimal and abstract. Peace to all the real house lovers out there: only we know what time it really is.
            • rostapopoulos's avatar
              I often find myself humming moonlight. It is very catchy if a bit monotonous.