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    Cover of Achso, 2005-12-12, VinylAchso
    2×12", EP, 33 ⅓ RPM, Gatefold Sleeve
    Cadenza – CAD8.10Switzerland2005Switzerland2005
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Achso, 2005-12-05, FileAchso
    4×File, FLAC
    Cadenza – CADENZA08.10Switzerland2005Switzerland2005
    New Submission
    Cover of Achso, 2006, VinylAchso
    2×12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Company Sleeve
    Cadenza – CAD8.10Switzerland2006Switzerland2006
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Achso, 2006, VinylAchso
    2×12", 33 ⅓ RPM, EP, Repress
    Cadenza – CAD8.10Switzerland2006Switzerland2006
    New Submission
    Cover of Achso, 2012-08-27, FileAchso
    4×File, WAV, EP, Reissue
    Cadenza – CADENZA08.10Switzerland2012Switzerland2012
    Cover of Achso, 2012-08-27, FileAchso
    4×File, MP3, EP, Reissue, 320 kbps
    Cadenza – CADENZA08.10Switzerland2012Switzerland2012



    • playbynumbers's avatar
      Reminds me more of LP5-era Autechre than anything else; I realize that Ricardo is a tech house guy but he really veers pretty close to IDM at times
      • SAllison's avatar
        Woah Sieso is incredible. I read somewhere a while back that Ricardo had a dragonfly beat its wings on a contact microphone to get that sound at 4:56
        • ----'s avatar
          Edited 16 years ago
          First impressions, i.e. that this record is a complete noodle-fest can be very deceiving.

          Granted, this record is indulgent, with all of it's tracks taking over 10 minutes to develop. But a patient listener is rewarded with 4 tracks of unprecedented depth featuring a mesmerising quality of sound.

          My personal favourite is Erso. Its oppressive off-beat kick and sparse programming work are set against a melancholic latin guitar beamed down from another planet. A potent mood-setter.
          • dexterfeng's avatar
            Edited 17 years ago
            Possibly the most straight forward release thus far by Ricardo. This is a dj tool first and foremost and then directly underneath that it's quite a beautiful record. Equal parts house in a be-mushroomed Larry Heard sort of way as it is equal parts Stacy Pullen-ized techno as it is equal parts S.M.I.L.E. or Hardkiss and something else entirely. A merge of many things which whirr and click along in the mid 120's. Certainly not minimal in content, with exception to the skeleton on which each side rests on. Each side grows and develops organically and offers little resistance to working over. As a dj tool this record is something which can be placed and used strategically as a bridge and a tool to go inbetween vast territories of music to elevate into a sound that is not for purists, but for enthusiasts and dancers alike.
            • raijinseller's avatar
              Edited 17 years ago
              More hypnotizing rhythms from Villalobos with odd samples and effects going off in the background..
              This man is defintely at the top of the minimal scene.

              • Adlerhalt's avatar
                Edited 17 years ago
                Fantastic Record!
                Especially the A-sided Sieso with its melancoly weird guitar and dreamy loops.
                A "must-have" record if you are into the sound of Villalobos

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