VariousBASIC Beats Sampler


No ArtistYou've Reached BASIC0:19
Organized KonfusionThe Rough Side Of Town (South Side)4:44
No ArtistNiz-Nuts0:32
Lifers GroupThe Real Deal (Shadow Remix)5:24
No ArtistWomen's Bathroom0:31
Raw FusionRockin' To The P.M. (Oaktown Homies Remix)5:34
No ArtistRick Sings0:48
QueenWe Will Rock You (Ruined By Rick Rubin)5:08
No ArtistZimbabwe's In The House0:05
Zimbabwe LegitRhymin' Wit The African Symphony4:04
No ArtistBomba Fleur0:09
Last Acustic Remains[Untitled]3:20
No ArtistHank Love1:40
No ArtistHello0:42
Raw FusionThrow Your Hands In The Air4:29
No ArtistAss Out The Bed0:23
Lifers GroupBelly Of The Beast5:54
No ArtistReport The BASICs0:17
QueenAnother One Bites The Dust (Long Dusted B-Boy Version)10:37
No ArtistRockbarry1:14
Organized KonfusionOpen Your Eyes4:49
No ArtistMoney Back0:13
Shadow*BASIC Mega-Mix12:35


Also see the very similar sampler BASIC Sampler.


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    Cover of BASIC Beats Sampler, 1992-02-00, CDBASIC Beats Sampler
    CD, Sampler
    Hollywood BASIC – HB 61286-2US1992US1992
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    Cover of BASIC Beats Sampler, 1992-02-00, CassetteBASIC Beats Sampler
    Cassette, Sampler
    Hollywood BASIC – HB 61286-4US1992US1992
    Recently Edited
    Cover of BASIC Beats Sampler, 2006-08-18, CDBASIC Beats Sampler
    CD, Reissue, Sampler
    Hollywood BASIC – HB 61286-2, Cold Slammin' – KAMECD-7Japan2006Japan2006
    Recently Edited
    Cover of BASIC Beats Sampler, , CDBASIC Beats Sampler
    CD, Sampler, Unofficial Release
    Hollywood BASIC (2) – HB-61286-2RussiaRussia
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