The Poets Of Thought*The Rhyme Goes On5:50
Subject 13Faith6:59
PHD & The Funky Technician*Above And Beyond8:16
Poets Of ThoughtSamba With J.C.5:50
PabloDo What You Gotta Do9:16
Poets Of ThoughtJamming The Session4:05
LTJ BukemMoodswings9:25
Doc ScottTokyo Dawn7:39

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    Cover of Earth Volume One, 1996-11-04, CDEarth Volume One
    CD, Compilation
    Earth – EARTHCD001UK1996UK1996
    Cover of Earth Volume One, 1996-10-28, VinylEarth Volume One
    5×12", Compilation, Limited Edition; Box Set, Numbered
    Earth – EARTHLP001UK1996UK1996
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Earth Volume One, 1996-06-00, VinylEarth Volume One
    5×12", Promo, Compilation, Limited Edition; Box Set
    Earth – EARTHLP001UK1996UK1996
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Earth Volume One, 1996-06-00, VinylEarth Volume One
    5×12", Compilation, Test Pressing, White Label, Stickered
    Earth – EARTHLP001UK1996UK1996
    New Submission
    Cover of Earth Volume One, 1996, CDEarth Volume One
    CD, Compilation
    Earth – EARTHCD001UK1996UK1996
    New Submission
    Cover of Earth Volume One, , VinylEarth Volume One
    5×12", Promo, Compilation, Limited Edition, Signed; Box Set
    Earth – EARTHLP001UKUK
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Earth Volume One, , CDEarth Volume One
    CD, Compilation, Reissue
    Earth – EARTHCD001-2EuropeEurope
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Earth Vol. 1, , FileEarth Vol. 1
    10×File, WAV, Compilation
    Earth – EARTH001DVUKUK
    New Submission



    • Collector_Cave_Guy's avatar
      Padlo - Do What You Gotta Do samples Dionne Warwick "Move Me No Mountain"
      • tony879's avatar
        Edited one year ago
        The vinyl sounds amazing. Proper nice pressing quality quite loud.
        Worth the price of entry for Bukem’s ‘mood swings’ with its phased drums and rippling electric piano.
        Doc Scott’s majestic ‘Tokyo dawn’ is also worth the price of entry
        Full of banging tunes, some rarities as well. A nice mix up. Gwaaan!
        also looks like these have shot up in price, I paid £20!!! :o
        • NJ78's avatar
          Edited 6 years ago
          Worth buying this even just to get your hands on Tokyo Dawn. It's immense. An amazing futuristic atmospheric amen track that is Doc Scott at his finest. He's better known for his hard, dark productions but this shows he was also able to come up with one of the greatest "intelligent" tracks ever released.

          The Subject 13, Appaloosa and PHD & Funky Tech tunes are also great, all receiving a lot of plays by Bukem in his DJ sets of the time.

          Moodswings by Bukem is also nice - a mid tempo track with some interesting vocal samples.
          • Collector_Cave_Guy's avatar
            Edited 7 years ago
            This is hands down one of the best compilation LPs ever in D&B (Although its not all D&B as you likely already know).

            Everything has already been said about how and why this LP is important, I just wanted to add my voice in agreement that this is one of those rare releases where each track is excellent and even after all these years it still sounds fresh, exciting and thoughtful.

            If your lucky enough to find one of these in great condition on 5x12", buy on site and get me one whilst your at it.
            • kraff's avatar
              Edited 10 years ago
              what can i say about "Earth". it was sth. different, fresh so open minded in 96'. it was before everything. great and powerfull combination of jungle, jazz, funk, downtempo, trip-hop. magic times for glo and bukem. "Earth" is like "Headz 2" (Mo'Wax) - one of the best known compilation of electronic dance music. with me since 96.. with me for the rest of my life.
              • basementphil's avatar
                When my company Vinyl Distribution was distributing Good Looking Dan would often play me all these awesome tunes he had been sent that were all different tempos. I knew these would have to be released and desperately wanted copies on vinyl for myself, so I came up with the Earth name and concept.
                • SYSTEM-J's avatar
                  I found this one in the Vinyl Exchange in Manchester for £1. No cover, no inlay, not even a proper case. I'm still not sure if it's a promo or not. Funny thing is I spent a hefty sum acquiring the legendary Logical Progression, and yet I probably prefer this one. That's not to detract from Logical Progression, but Earth has a bit more variety to it, including a few gems you wouldn't associate with Good Looking. The best praise I can give this CD is that it's not just spliff music - it's music that doesn't even need a spliff to work just as well. The tracks here explore a lot of territory (albeit all orbiting the realm of breakbeat funk) but they will all give you that deep chill and inspire meditative trains of thought. A lot of music sounds good on drugs, but when you've got those special pieces that are ALREADY mind-altering, you've got a heady mix. I don't recommend playing this while you're on public transport, unless you can afford to constantly miss your stop.
                  • Deploy's avatar
                    Edited 11 years ago
                    The best way I can describe the sound of the first Earth series is "raw," as in, "bold" yet keeping the sampling, programming, to a top notch level. Starting from The Rhyme Goes On, one can hear that this is uncharted waters for GLR, and yet the splash is huge. A hip-hop flavored downtempo tune carried by its funky bassline with scratches and vocal samples. A brilliant opener and one that is memorable.

                    The compilation include 6 Drum and Bass tracks, including Appaloosa's "Traveling", and the amen breakbeat from Funky Technicians in the form of - "Above and Beyond". Each of these providing the usual GLR sound. Subject 13 gives a jazzy flare with the usual atmospherics with an infectious bassline. Blame's "Revival" gives us a sneak peak in to his infatuations of the time; primarily focusing on jazzy elements on an otherwise solid entry in to the Earth series.

                    The tracks that stand on their own ground is the second entry of Poets of Thoughts in "Jamming the Session," which includes various jazz sample, including a Miles Davis-esque mute trumpet that washes the track quite nicely. Bukem's "Moodswings" literally swings to a faster tempo, with nice vocal samples from Maya Angelou, sax lines, and sub-bass bassline. The closing track "Tokyo Dawn" by Doc Scott is now legendary in its own right. Heavy amen breaks are washed by atmospheric synth pads, with pulsating bassline.

                    This entry in to the Earth series remains one of my personal favorites so far; a worthwhile pick up for any enthusiast or new comer to the D&B sound / downtempo genre.

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