Wagon ChristThrobbing Pouch

Style:Trip Hop


Down Under8:16
Phase Everyday7:35
Throbbing Pouch5:24
Pull My Strings5:11
Night Owls2:41
E-Z Listener5:19
Underground Level2:31
Ring Piece4:26
All My Fingers2:06

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    Cover of Throbbing Pouch, 1995-03-20, CDThrobbing Pouch
    CD, Album
    Rising High Records – RSN CD30UK1995UK1995
    Cover of Throbbing Pouch, 1995, CDThrobbing Pouch
    CD, Album; CD
    Rising High Records – RSN CD30, Rising High Records – RSN 91CDUK1995UK1995
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Throbbing Pouch, 1995-03-20, VinylThrobbing Pouch
    2×LP, Album
    Rising High Records – RSN LP 30, Rising High Records – RSN LP30UK1995UK1995
    Cover of Throbbing Pouch, 1995-12-21, CDThrobbing Pouch
    CD, Album
    Rising High Records – SRCS 7926Japan1995Japan1995
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Throbbing Pouch, 1995, CDThrobbing Pouch
    CD, Album
    Rising High USA – RH 87003-2US1995US1995
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Throbbing Pouch, 1995, VinylThrobbing Pouch
    2×LP, White Label
    Rising High Records – RSNLP30UK1995UK1995
    New Submission
    Throbbing Pouch
    Rising High USA – RH 87004-4US1995US1995
    Needs Changes
    Cover of Throbbing Pouch, 2007-03-00, FileThrobbing Pouch
    17×File, MP3, Remastered, 320 kbps
    Personal (Stereo) – PSLVB010UK2007UK2007
    Throbbing Pouch
    17×File, FLAC, Remastered
    Personal (Stereo) – PSLVB010FUK2007UK2007
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    • loafer1270's avatar
      Absolute classic album ,Highly recommend this to anybody who loves downtempo My fave is All my Fingers............
      • dylaf's avatar
        Edited one year ago
        I've endured a 27 year long obsession with this LP; from 'Intro' onwards it was a 'WTF' event, & still is. 'A little night music, for all you night owls out there'... Followed by the creaking obo - over - jazzy hip hop darkness of 'Reedin', and into a bonkers landscape of which it was hard to tell what was sampled, what was played, in fact forget the compass, even a seasoned muso was completely lost in blissful unpredictability. Like Prince, here we have a whole new strange & unique world to learn about, and one more exciting than the other one we know everyday.

        'Phase Everyday' seemed like Ken Ishi was lurking in the mix, but yet not; some future galaxy music thousands of years on from finding an old box containing classical oriental songs left over from the human world.

        So many incredible tracks including the title, but it's 'Scrapes' that impregnated itself the deepest into my brain, with what sounded like an old radiator being played over drone hum, with soulful undertones... a happy conflict with no discernible direction, to coin it: these were new emotions completely, something I never felt before.

        If that doesn't make for something seminal I don't know what does.

        • Big_Beat_Fan's avatar
          I'm listening to this the first time, just got to "Floot" and this is just about one of the best tracks ever, had to say something. In a way it's "dated" but has an amazing charm. Vibert is probably my favorite musician at the moment - but this album actually might be his most "warm" and soulful. I'd say once you're ready for it, you'll realize it's one of the best pure 90s trip hop albums ever, potentially. But it may take the right mood for you to be in the zone for it, as you may not hear past some of the surface level aspects. For a while I couldn't listen to it but I'm glad I did.
          • Landspeed_Records's avatar
            Some of the best downtempo trip hop I've heard. .
            • baze1's avatar
              Edited 3 years ago
              This album has the complete 14 minute version of "Indian Giver" that was sadly cut short on the "Chill Out or Die America" CD. Really love that song.
              • CamiloCB's avatar
                A BOMB from the very first track.

                Thanks Luke and come to Southamerica.
                • streamdreama's avatar
                  One of my favourite so called "Trip Hop" albums. Luke Vibert is a master of his game.
                  Often copied but rarely equaled.
                  • theskyisfalling's avatar
                    Brilliant. 20 years on this genre bending classic requires a rerelease, I do believe.

                    Hip-hop, jazztastic electronica with a good dose of humour. It's enteresting to listen back and think about how Uziq, AFX, SquareP and Vibert were pushing each others sounds around back then.
                    • scoundrel's avatar
                      THROBBING POUCH is Wagon Christ's introduction to the big leagues of electronic music, and it still stands up amazingly well today. "Reedin'" brings on the woodwinds in a whirlwind of good-natured fun, while "Down Under" retains some of Vibert's ambient vibe, but introducing some ethnic strings into the mix as well. "Rexcist" goes dark and deep, but "Floot" brings things back up in mood. "Pull My Strings" stays true to its name and brings in the violin samples, while "Spotlight" processes those easy listening samples into a mellow trip. But for me, the apex of the album is "E-Z Listener" which manages to incorporate an oboe into its funky, upbeat surroundings. "Ring Piece" brings the jazz up with a double bass and a some horn samples. On the bonus AT ATMOS disc (available with the limited edition of the album), Vibert returns to some of his longer pieces, like the ambient Middle Eastern oud-tinged "Hasjit" or the swirling layers of "Inside Out." But he also brings his proto-trip-hop sensibilities to bear to the longer "Yeah" and the jazzy "Free Bass," which merges a looped piano riff with a double bass and some test tones. A landmark album.

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