Scott WalkerBoy Child - The Best Of 1967 - 1970

Style:Pop Rock, Easy Listening


The Plague3:33
Montague Terrace (In Blue)3:32
Such A Small Love4:57
The Amorous Humphrey Plugg4:32
The Girls From The Streets4:12
Plastic Palace People6:09
The Bridge2:50
It's Raining Today4:01
Big Louise3:11
We Came Through2:02
The Seventh Seal4:58
On Your Own Again1:47
Boy Child3:39
The Old Man's Back Again3:46
Little Things (That Keep Us Together)2:22
Time Operator3:39
The War Is Over (Sleepers) (Epilogue)3:38
The Rope And The Colt2:00

Credits (5)


The 1990 version features a brief essay in the liners, written by Marc Almond, and the 2000 version by Neil Hannon.


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    Cover of Boy Child (The Best Of 1967 - 1970), 1990, VinylBoy Child (The Best Of 1967 - 1970)
    LP, Compilation
    Fontana – 842 832-1UK1990UK1990
    New Submission
    Cover of Boy Child (The Best Of 1967 - 1970), 1990, CassetteBoy Child (The Best Of 1967 - 1970)
    Cassette, Compilation
    Fontana – 842 832-4, Fontana – 842-832-4UK1990UK1990
    New Submission
    Cover of Boy Child (The Best Of 1967-1970), 1990, CDBoy Child (The Best Of 1967-1970)
    CD, Compilation
    Fontana – 842 832-2Europe1990Europe1990
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    Cover of Boy Child (The Best Of 1967-1970), 1990, CDBoy Child (The Best Of 1967-1970)
    CD, Compilation
    Fontana – 842 832-2Europe1990Europe1990
    New Submission
    Cover of Boy Child: 67-70, 2000, CDBoy Child: 67-70
    CD, HDCD, Compilation, Reissue, Remastered
    Fontana – 542 705-2Europe2000Europe2000
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Boy Child - The Best Of 1967 - 1970, 2022-04-23, VinylBoy Child - The Best Of 1967 - 1970
    2×LP, Record Store Day, Compilation, Limited Edition, Reissue, White
    Fontana – 389 083-9, UMC – 389 083-9Worldwide2022Worldwide2022
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Boy Child - The Best Of 1967 - 1970, , CDBoy Child - The Best Of 1967 - 1970
    CD, Compilation, Reissue
    Fontana – 842 832-2UKUK
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Boy Child: 67-70, , CDBoy Child: 67-70
    CD, HDCD, Compilation, Reissue, Remastered
    Fontana – 542 705-2UK & EuropeUK & Europe
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Boy Child - The Best Of 1967 - 1970, , CDBoy Child - The Best Of 1967 - 1970
    CD, Compilation, Repress
    Fontana – 842 832-2UKUK
    New Submission



    • Iven_Dean_Michael's avatar
      Bought it twice, and had both times two times record one in there, I have no words left…
      • edgarholland's avatar
        Edited 3 months ago
        An outstanding compilation. This was put together by Cally Callomon and released in 1990 - the first time any solo work by Scott from the 1967 to 1970 period was released on cd, with truly insightful sleeve notes by the equally legendary Marc Almond. This was rereleased 10 years later with slightly different artwork, and in my opinion, slightly inferior track listing with different sleeve notes by Neil Hannon (which were slightly inferior sleeve notes in my view to the original 1990 release), and rereleased again for Record Store Day a couple of years ago with extra tracks which had both previous sleeve notes and also included wonderfully heartfelt extra sleeve notes by Scott’s good friend Jarvis Cocker. This compilation proved to be as influential as the comp that was released by Julian Cope almost 10 years before. If you are new to Scott’s ‘60’s solo work then start here with the 1990 edition of this compilation. The music and track order is perfect and the sleeve notes by Marc Almond (which are relatively short) are sublime. Also worth looking for is the 2 part article written by the journalist Joe Jackson for Hot Press Magazine from 1990 which is available for free on their website last time I looked and also available on Amazon on two E-Books published by Jackson. The legend that is Scott Walker is built on his first 6 solo albums - the fact that he went even further out into space from his 1984 album “Climate of Hunter” onwards is simply jaw-dropping.
        This compilation is highly recommended.
        • paul4003's avatar
          My copy is pretty good. A few pops and clicks but none of the other issues mentioned by others.
          • lotengo_encd's avatar
            One of the nicest editions I've ever seen. Lyrics for all songs, three heartfelt essays, awesome pictures... the additional tracks really make a difference and they've been perfectly sequenced. Sound quality is good too.
            • dregsinthecrowd's avatar
              Edited 10 months ago
              The reports of crackling and non-fill are accurate. My copy is mostly free of defects, but when they crop up, it's noticeable - this music has lots of dynamic shifts, and to hear a sudden occurrence of non-fill in a quiet section is particularly distracting. I think this kind of thing is only going to become more common as a still-tiny number of worldwide pressing plants remain slammed with orders.
              • recrecshop's avatar
                ...around 1987 marc almond gave me with his brilliant coverversions the key
                to understand jacques brel & scott walker. i already knew the 60's teenage
                band walker brothers, but was not aware that scott walker developed from
                1967-1970 such visionary beautiful ballads, which fulminated in his
                avantgarde-masterpiece "tilt" in 1994...
                • MatthewGB's avatar
                  This is not a matter of good or bad pressings it a sloppy pressing using an old remaster. The vinyl will clean up, it took three times in my ultrasonic cleaner to get it all out. Hiding behind it though is the masters used for the 1990 CD release, the compression is awful it takes all the character and warmth out the music. It’s pressed in France and most likely a gzmedia pressing who are quickly becoming the “Supercuts” that pops up in every shopping mall USA. The 1990 pressing is better slightly but neither are worth chasing down, buy Scott 1- 4 and if your feeling adventurous ‘til the band comes in’ instead.
                  • DarthZoidberg's avatar
                    Unfortunately I have to concur. While my copy is clean enough, with decent noise level, sound quality leaves a lot to be desired. A flat, harsh sounding record.
                    • ferrarabrainpan's avatar
                      I was prepared for the worst after reading the reviews here and elsewhere. Thankfully, I got a good copy, with both discs correctly pressed and labeled, and not a great deal of surface noise, and no non-fill that I can hear. There's a bit more background noise than I'd like, and the mastering is not as fine as the 2014 LP reissues of his solo records, but my copy is a keeper which I will play again. I've heard much worse pressings from contemporary LP releases, many that I've returned two or three times to try to get a decent sounding copy. Beautiful packaging, good song selection, but predictable track sequencing if you're familiar with the original albums as most of us are. This beats the other RSD title I bought this year which was a Nico LP with Side 2 pressed on both sides!
                      • andy2476's avatar
                        As with all the other reviews this excellent comp is sadly let down by shocking quality. Girls from the streets has the worst no fill I have ever heard. The rest is alright but flat sounding and pretty unimpressive distorted high end and random pops and crackles. What a waste.
                        Update, multiple goes through my ultrasonic cleaner got rid of the noise problems but its still not a great sounding record. Probably ripped straight from a CD

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