This Side
The Poem8:35
Nervous Acid5:30
That Side
Let There Be House5:20
Massai Women8:20
Dub Massai Style (Mark's Mix)5:30

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    Version DetailsData Quality
    Cover of House Rhythms, 1990-01-00, VinylHouse Rhythms
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM
    Nu Groove Records – NG 038US1990US1990
    Cover of House Rhythms, 1990-01-00, VinylHouse Rhythms
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM, White Label
    Nu Groove Records – NG 038US1990US1990
    New Submission
    Cover of 'Core' 中心 /.1990\, 2010, Vinyl'Core' 中心 /.1990\
    12", Reissue, 33 ⅓ RPM
    Slow To Speak – COR E.90US2010US2010
    New Submission
    Cover of House Rhythms, 2020-11-30, VinylHouse Rhythms
    2×12", 45 RPM
    Groovin Recordings – GR-1273Italy2020Italy2020
    New Submission
    Cover of House Rhythms, , VinylHouse Rhythms
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Reissue, Unofficial Release
    Nu Groove Records (2) – NG 038USUS
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    • tobymessy's avatar
      Edited one year ago
      Think nervous acid is a bit of Richie Hawtin fave of all time - it’s pretty dope
      • glitchtrauma's avatar
        all about Dub Massai Style (Mark's Mix) stripped down new york minimalism with one of the deepest tb303 basslines. Unbeatable.
        • MISTER_DIA-TRIBE_73's avatar
          Edited 3 years ago
          Konders being a reggae fiend surely must have given some $$ props to the original artist (Conscious reggae artist beginning with M) . . But alsoKonders has to get a compliment for a perfect track that'd be great played as the sun rises and the sunsets! P.s. I loathe plastic trumpets in most of the house tunes of yesteryear and today... But that flute works... Reminds me of The Dancing Flutes by Jefferson ;)
          • vadz's avatar
            Sound quality is superb on this repress. ...Just wondering, were some of the tracks slowed down a bit?
            • collectiverhythm's avatar
              is this release remastered at all? it would be nice if it is.
              • RoyalKurt's avatar
                I really think it is ridiculous to put this on a double 12 inch, the original nu groove was perfect
                • jeromy's avatar
                  Great to see this classic release given a reissue across 2 x 12"s.

                  Has this improved the sound quality at all?

                  • monkeybrainsushi's avatar
                    It's one of those vinyls I'll never sell, I equate Nervous Acid to the time around 3-4 AM when shit was gonna get seriously underground until sunrise, no more shrieking divas ;0) Then in the morning.. en route to The End Up.
                    • 8892sales's avatar
                      I'm vaguely convinced that a few of the tracks on this release were played in late 1989 not only on the London pirate radio stations of the day but also at a few parties I went to aswell. Nervous Acid, Version and Let There Be House in particular were being cained from late that year.

                      Let There Be House is my least favourite due to the irritatingly repetitive Chuck Roberts vocal, which to be fair I was never very fond of. It's a shame really as it's a quite decent warehouse track.

                      As others have already explained very eloquently, Nervous Acid is a one of a kind, deep, hypnotic, trippy, sinister acid house classic. One of my favourites without question.

                      Version is just sublime pure stripped down house music, unmistakably late 1980s New York House or Deep House in fashion, fit both for dodgy basement type clubs where swinging a cat would not be advisable to behemoth cavernous warehouses. Try listening to this on a quality gargantuan sound system and you'll hear what I mean. Still an all round timeless release in any case.

                      • JimmyEllis's avatar
                        Don't buy this copy. The pressing is unusably low volume.

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