Steve Tibbetts - Yr as reviewed by AcousticWarrior

May 25, 2017
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referencing Yr, LP, Album, RE, 1522-25
One of my favorite albums of all time. Steve Tibbetts is a virtuoso guitar player, but not in the sense people typically think of - like a Steve Vai or Joe Satriani who can “shred.” Tibbetts is a master of creating highly layered and textured sounds using both acoustic and electric guitar, and a myriad of effects (he has a very distinctive use of the volume pedal in particular). On this album, you'll find pinches of everything from Celtic to Latin to New Age to Tibetan to folk to country to jazz fusion, including Hendrix or McLaughlin like wailing on the opening track "Ur." The crown jewels of the album, if you ask me, are the lengthy "Ten Years," which includes kalimba playing, and the gorgeous "Alien Lounge" where Tibbetts builds up layers of 12-string guitar to stunning effect.

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Steve Tibbtz* - Yr as reviewed by Expansive09

January 18, 2017
referencing Yr, LP, Album, 1522-25
A genius in his own right drawing at least in his first two albums from the wells of prog-rock, African-esque rhythms and avant stylings. He has no fears of playing load and dissonant on an edge of acceptable listening and then doing a complete turn around to a softer melodic terrain all in a single track.
His music is totally instrumental and extremely dynamic from subtle detuned nuanced acoustic plucking to full of head banging Les Paul distortion accompanied by tight percussion(and at times kit drumming) by Marc.
His track titles exemplify his interest or should I say disinterest in following atypical music form or structures yet the music comes across composed. I especially enjoy the crafty use of kalimba to add softer substructural dynamics to the music as well as the hidden in the mix use of.....wait.....mellotron!
Yr and Safe Journey are two classics in his catalog but as I am biased he has never released a stale or un-listenable album to date. I just wish he was more prolific!