Atom Heart - Orange [Monochrome Stills] hbmf

June 9, 2012
referencing Orange [Monochrome Stills], CD, Album, Ltd, PS 08/36
Happy to see this reiussed. I bought from a store in central Warsaw called Hey Joe in 2002, which according to interweb is open still. I was listening on repeat for weeks. I've just dug it out again and, like gerryc, am enjoying a great minimal ambient album, which still sounds fresh. It says on the cover 'play in low volume,' i guess cos it's quite dark.

Atom Heart - Orange gerryc

May 17, 2011
referencing Orange, CD, Album, M/Print, RE, RM, AW 067

The thing I like most about FAX is you dig out a cd from your collection which you have'nt listened to in a long while and suddenly it all sounds "new" again and has not dated. This new remastered reissue is wonderful example of experiencing that initial listening experience that touched you the first time.... all over again.
It's no suprise that it's already sold out.