Snooze 4 Love

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    Cover of Ragysh, 2011-04-05, VinylRagysh
    12", 45 RPM, Limited Edition
    Running Back – RBCR-78Germany2011Germany2011
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    Cover of Ragysh, 2011-04-04, FileRagysh
    4×File, MP3, 320 kbps
    Running Back – RBCR-78Germany2011Germany2011
    Cover of Ragysh, 2011-04-05, VinylRagysh
    12", 45 RPM
    Running Back – RBCR-78Germany2011Germany2011
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    Cover of Ragysh, 2011, VinylRagysh
    12", 45 RPM, White Label, Test Pressing
    Running Back – RBCR-78Germany2011Germany2011
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    Cover of Ragysh, 2011-04-04, FileRagysh
    4×File, WAV
    Olsen – OLX 003Europe2011Europe2011
    Cover of Ragysh, 2013-09-13, VinylRagysh
    12", 45 RPM, Repress
    Running Back – RBCR-78Germany2013Germany2013
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    • volumetricavision's avatar
      bonysh have sample of electronic drum of "heart of glass" - Blondie
      • Opikanoba's avatar
        Does the locked grooves on B side appears on this pressing ?
        • khmerwolf's avatar
          It's 2019 and I still drop this. Always brings the house down. A simply brilliant record. I am referring to Ragysh of course!
          • djstoria's avatar
            Cool interprétation tech house, clubbing, mise en forme & dance floor.
            • am_pm's avatar
              the beginning of the beat sounds like Michael Jackson's Billie Jean
              • Kinderground's avatar
                This is a special one.. Everytime I play this record, the house goes down. Grab it!
                • djhalftime
                  This is definitely my favourite Todd record, and the A2, Ragysh, is Todd at his absolute best. Proper cosmic shit. Gives me shivers. Buy this record!
                  • restless's avatar
                    Edited 12 years ago
                    Quite a departure from Todd Terje's usual electronic disco explorations, "Ragysh" is one of the anthems of 2011, a strange hybrid tune that sounds like a slightly pitched-down bonafide German trance classic from the Superstition era (say Marmion, Humate etc) filtered through some circa-2004 panoramic 'trendy-trance' a la Border Community or Kompakt, then re-filtered through 2010 disco-reedit cheese (the Blondie beatbox sample), the whole thing massively produced.
                    So does this work? Hell yeah, one of the biggest climaxes of the year for sure (although i would personnally have brought in a second, even more definitive climax after the 1st bridge but hey I'm not mr Terje...).
                    And is this good? Excellent, in a dreamy, a little OTT 'hands-in-the-air' attitude.
                    (And let's not forget the B-side "Snooze 4 Love", a charming bleepy progressive techno exploration in the vein of Oni Ayhun or Isolee).

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