Ezekiel HonigFolding In On Itself

Ezekiel Honig - Folding In On Itself album cover
Style:Minimal, Ambient


Material Wrinkle
Subverting The Memory Of Your Surroundings
Between Bridges
Drafting Foresight
Folding Us In On Itself
High & Low
A Closed Loop That Opens Everywhere
Ancestry Revisiting Each Other
Tradition Is The Illusion Of Permanence
Distant Breakfast Highway

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    Cover of Folding In On Itself, 2011, VinylFolding In On Itself
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    Cover of Folding In On Itself, 2011, VinylFolding In On Itself
    LP, Album, Limited Edition
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    Cover of Folding In On Itself, 2011, CDFolding In On Itself
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    Cover of Folding In On Itself, 2011-04-28, CDFolding In On Itself
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    • Headphone_Commute's avatar
      It’s nice to see Ezekiel Honig on Type. His music is so gentle, so subdued, so fragile, it may crumble at any moment and fall into a mute abyss. The pulsating beat palpitates beneath the sheath of principal elements, transforming into something beyond ambient techno, something beyond microtonal rhythms, and something beyond descriptions with words. The titles of the tracks (and the album title itself) hint at imaginable places and unattainable spaces through reality alone: “Subverting The Memory Of Your Surroundings”, “A Closed Loop That Opens Everywhere”, and “Tradition Is The Illusion Of Permanence”. Folding In On Itself is without a doubt melancholic in nature, and it seems to soak in the passing of time, growth of wisdom, and realization of truth. “Memory and the corruption or distortion thereof is at the core the record, and like the cover which is made up of hazy family snaps of a changing Manhattan, Honig has tried to capture a sense of entropy in his quickly disintegrating city.” This mood is better conveyed with the following suggestion: take a moment to stop on a street that you’ve walked on a thousand times; now picture yourself walking here many years ago; don’t try to hold on to the past, but simply let it flow past your conscience, and let all of these feelings and music fold in on itself. On the record, the New York City native uses locally captured field recordings, acoustic instruments, and environmental textures to tell a personal story of change, loss, and ultimately life. Check out Honig’s previous albums, Technology Is Lonely (2003) and Surfaces Of A Broken Marching Band (2008), released on his very own Anticipate Recordings.

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