Body Count4:15
Lurid Sensation4:05
The Wrack3:26

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    Cover of Disorder, 1988-05-00, VinylDisorder
    LP, Mini-Album
    Third Mind Records – TMLP 24Europe1988Europe1988
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    Cover of Disorder, 1988-05-00, VinylDisorder
    LP, Mini-Album
    Wax Trax! Records – WAX 041US1988US1988
    Cover of Disorder, 1988, VinylDisorder
    LP, Mini-Album, Test Pressing
    Wax Trax! Records – WAX 041US1988US1988
    Cover of Disorder, 2022-05-20, VinylDisorder
    LP, Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition, Reissue, Remastered, Red & Black Splatter
    Cleopatra – CLO2985US2022US2022
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    Cover of Disorder, 2022-05-20, FileDisorder
    9×File, AIFF, Album, Reissue
    Cleopatra – noneUS2022US2022
    New Submission
    Cover of Disorder, 2022-07-01, FileDisorder
    9×File, WAV, Album, Reissue
    Cleopatra – noneUS2022US2022



    • ScrunglyScrimblo's avatar
      Edited one year ago
      Good sound quality, albeit a tiny bit less clean than Thirdmind's press of Corrosion.
      Lurid Sensation is a shorter remix of the version on Corrosion on here.
      • ELITE_MUSIC's avatar
        Mike Balch had written a letter to me after finding one of my cassettes at Record Vault on Polk Street back in the day; in effect telling me about his band FLA on Wax Trax. Both "Corrosion" and "Disorder" were total revelations; unbelievably great!!

        I had not heard of FLA prior to receiving Mike's letter, even though I was a big fan of the (then obscure) pioneers Cabaret Voltaire, Portion Control, Skinny Puppy, etc.
        I had seen Young Marble Giants open for CV (first USA tour) at the Stone in Berkeley, and Skinny Puppy with Severed Heads at the Stone on Broadway, SF (I believe it was booked, produced and promoted by Diamanda Galas' then manager Olga Gerrard, and pre-Nine inch Nails' Gerry Gerrard). I saw every FLA show in the Bay Area up to the late '90s; including the show at the Ritz NYC with Ajax, Meat Beat Manifesto, and Suicide with guitarist Ric Ocasek-- Olga's birthday show! Amazing, intense times, unsurpassed!

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