DeadbeatWild Life Documentaries

Deadbeat - Wild Life Documentaries album cover
Style:Dub, Minimal


Open My Eyes That I May See4:41
Organ In The Attic Sings The Blues7:22
For Palestine8:01
For Israel (Jaffa Revisited)6:27
Let It Rain8:00
Cause For Hope6:36
To Berlin With Love5:29
A Dub For Akufen4:18
When First You Gave Me Shivers...3:50

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    Cover of Wild Life Documentaries, 2002, CDWild Life Documentaries
    CD, Album
    ~scape – 15 cd, ~scape – sc 15cdGermany2002Germany2002
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    Cover of Wild Life Documentaries, 2002-11-15, VinylWild Life Documentaries
    2×LP, Album
    ~scape – sc 015Germany2002Germany2002
    Cover of Wild Life Documentaries, 2002-11-18, CDWild Life Documentaries
    CD, Album, Promo
    ~scape – sc 015 cdGermany2002Germany2002
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    Cover of Wild Life Documentaries, 2002-11-18, CDWild Life Documentaries
    CD, Album
    ~scape – ~scape15cd, ~scape – sc15cdGermany2002Germany2002
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    Cover of Wild Life Documentaries, 2002-11-15, VinylWild Life Documentaries
    2×LP, Album, Promo, White Label
    ~scape – sc 015Germany2002Germany2002
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    Cover of Wild Life Documentaries, 2002-11-18, FileWild Life Documentaries
    10×File, FLAC, Album
    ~scape – ~scape15, ~scape – sc15Germany2002Germany2002
    New Submission
    Cover of Wild Life Documentaries, 2020-05-08, FileWild Life Documentaries
    10×File, WAV, Album
    BLKRTZ – BLKRTZ025DGermany2020Germany2020
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    • scoundrel's avatar
      Edited 18 years ago
      Deadbeat's debut for ~scape, WILD LIFE DOCUMENTARIES, actually deals little with wildlife at all -- at least in terms of wild beasts. What it deals with in great amounts is dub, and plenty of it. The reverb comes on heavy, and blended with some IDM sounds (long tones, glitchy background noises), it works quite well. "Organ in the Attic Sings the Blues" sounds like reggae for a slowly-moving robot, while "Cause for Hope" is perfect for head-nodding. The reggae on this album is particularly pronounced, which at times can be a drawback. At times, Deadbeat leans too much on the rhythm, which can leave the other musical aspects empty. But the quiet voices and phased keyboards on "To Berlin with Love" or the quick edits and lovely tones on "When First You Gave Me Shivers..." help alleviate the slower parts. "Kezia" closes the album with reverberating warmth. A mellow album for mellow moods.
      • Portis's avatar
        Classic dub influences meet with ~scape-ish reverb and efx to form a surprisingly experienced sound. It's relaxed and unhurried, with attention to mood and detail. There's also hints of reggae to be found within. Consistently good from start to finish.
        • Self's avatar
          SCOTT MONTHEIT, aka DEADBEAT, has been an inner circle part of Montreals (Canada) very lively and inspiring new electronic music scene since the beginning. His first records were put out by HAUTEC and REVOLVER from 1998. He has longstanding artistic and friendly relations to AKUFEN, JEFF MILLIGAN and the MUTEK festival.
          His scape debut album 'wild like documentaries' delves deep into the heritage of Dub: the entire idiomatic richesse, the aural trade marks, the delays, the white noise, the tape echo, all the compressions and manipulations the history of dub has produced have found their place in his work, were used, re-interpreted, re-invented and transferred into the here and now. Technical finesse is never pushed to the forefront, though, because DEADBEAT relies much more on the traditional roots elements of classic dub, their timeless soul and very own nostalgia. On 'Wild Life Documentaries' sound experimentation joins the courage for direct, emotional statements. Daedbeat blends everything into a dub epic, a suite of nevertheless autonomous tracks, carried by a relaxed, organic warmth, the soul inherent in all true dub music.

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