Bent Fabric - Alley Cat IFRecordings

July 24, 2019
edited 28 days ago
referencing Alley Cat, LP, HLP 10.085
The notes on the main page say: "The original Danish album and its derivatives include the track Clopin Clopant and a different sequence to the US based version which drops this track and includes Comme Ci, Comma Ca instead."

THIS version has a totally different tracklist than listed on Discogs. Should be changed.

Bent Fabric - Alley Cat jimintheozone

May 19, 2019
referencing Alley Cat, LP, Album, Mono, 33-148
I have a US issue SD 33-148, mislabeled side 2 on both sides. Unfortunately someone wrote a 1 on the wrong labeled side, but at least not over the 2

Bent Fabric - Alley Cat snckpck

July 18, 2018
referencing Alley Cat, LP, Album, RE, SD 33-148

Backside reads "What would an Alley Cat play is he could play piano?"
This album answers it! A cool collection piece for cat lovers like me!