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    VariousMusic From The 21st Century



    Richard BurmerIntro1:50
    Tangerine DreamTangram19:20
    Alex CimaPrimera3:49
    Steve RoachKaravan6:24
    Don PrestonThe Thrones Of Saturn3:25
    Neil NormanDance Of The Hyenas2:14
    Alex CimaLithium4:17
    Michael GarrisonEscape2:36
    Bruce CourtoisInside The Black Hole2:15

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    Cover of Music From The 21st Century, 1981, CassetteMusic From The 21st Century
    Cassette, Compilation
    GNP Crescendo – GNPS-2146US1981US1981
    Cover of Music From The 21st Century, 1982, VinylMusic From The 21st Century
    LP, Compilation
    Red Labels
    GNP Crescendo – GNPS 2146US1982US1982
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    Cover of Music From The 21st Century, 1982, VinylMusic From The 21st Century
    LP, Compilation
    Orange Labels
    GNP Crescendo – GNPS 2146US1982US1982


    alexblex's avatar
    The Neil Norman track Dance Of The Hyenas Sounds like Drexciya. Killer!
    lubizianrecord's avatar
    Music From The 21st Century
    Great compilation of darling electronic music experiments features the most gifted futuristic of the audio spectrum.

    If you keen on 70's , 80's sci fi space new age cosmic ambient electonic synth sound .. grab it.

    Tangram brought me here .

    Lets ride upon the endless sequencer space voyage !

    dj_stosh's avatar
    Edited 3 years ago
    Nice packaging and concept, but it falls a bit short of the mark in execution. Side one is almost totally dominated by Tangerine Dream's Tangram, which can be found on the album of the same name, so inclusion here seems a bit superfluous. Not only that, it is a pretty average TD track when compared with much of their early 70's output. With the extreme emphasis on 80's synthesizers, there is little on side two to distinguish one track or artist from another. I certainly respect the effort that went into this, but I would much rather hear a compilation of Kraftwerk, OMD, YMO, Tomita, and other early electronic artists, even if it might make for a more commercial outing.
    moogacid's avatar
    Edited 8 years ago
    Some beautiful, exclusive music here...not ambient as stated...much more interesting than that!