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Das Neunauge5:22
Teddy Tausendtod8:00
Islandmuschel 4007:17
Die 3 Millionen Musketiere6:21
Der Tanz Der Gluehwuermchen6:20
Wenn Es Perlen Regnet8:24

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Cover of Diorama, 2011-05-09, FileDiorama
12×File, MP3, Album
320 kbps
Traum Schallplatten – TRAUM CD24Germany2011Germany2011
Cover of Diorama, 2011-05-09, CDDiorama
CD, Album
Traum Schallplatten – TRAUM CD 24, Traum Schallplatten – TRAUM SCHALLPLATTEN CD24Germany2011Germany2011
Cover of Diorama, 2011-05-09, VinylDiorama
2×LP, Album
Traum Schallplatten – TRAUM V137Germany2011Germany2011
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Cover of Diorama, 2011, CDDiorama
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Traum Schallplatten – TRAUM CD 24, Traum Schallplatten – TRAUM SCHALLPLATTEN CD24Germany2011Germany2011


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2019 Repress now available at , and at
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This album still sounds so fresh. I've always like Dominik's music. Charming melodies and nasty euro grit. Any DJ would be doing themselves a favor dropping a couple of these tracks in a peak time set. Eulberg knows what he's doing.
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Dominik Eulberg's musical career is still relatively young, but if it continues in the vein of DIORAMA, listeners are in for a real treat. The melancholy melodics of "Taeuschungs-Blume" only start to hint at what's in store. "Echomaus" is perhaps even more blissful, though with a heavy underpinning to keep it from floating away, but "Das Neunauge" starts with the beats early and doesn't let up, but instead lets the melodies carry the climax. "Die 3 Millionen Musketiere" twinkles with some mid-tempo breaks, and "H2O" has a lovely gradual build as the emotions accumulate. "Der Tanz Der Gluehwuermchen" brings in its melodic line much earlier, Indeed, "Wenn Es Perlen Regnet" has a sweetness to it, like a warmer Pantha du Prince. But my personal favorite has to be the slow-build of "Islandmuschel 400," with just a bassline and drums at the start, and then a slow, menacing melody, which grows in volume and intensity. Simple, direct, elegant. Much like the album itself.
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For me, this is right up there with Minilogue's 'Animals' LP (in terms of quality - both releases have their own distinct sound).Definitely a masterpiece.

A really well-constructed album in terms of a musical journey, from beginning to end.

I'd love to hear a seamless mix of this album (like the aforementioned Minilogue album).

Thank you, and well done, Dominik : ) - possibly the best release of 2011?
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Definitely worth a look! Eulberg really surprised me with this brilliant album. My favourite tracks must be "Wenn Es Perlen Regnet, H20, Aeronaut and ofcourse Der Tanz Der Gluehwuermchen". Best CD i've bought in a while for sure!
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Yes It's A Masterpiece