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ParaglidersParagliders (The Remixes)

Style:Trance, Techno


Paraglide (Humate Remix)
Paraglide (Original Mix)
Paraglide (Mijk Van Dijk Remix)
Bagdad (Oliver Lieb Remix)

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Licenced from Germany's Superstition label, Rising High somehow got the name of the track wrong. It should be 'Paraglide'.


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Cover of Paragliders (The Remixes), 1994-06-06, CDParagliders (The Remixes)
CD, Single
Rising High Records – RSN 83CD, Rising High Records – RSN 83UK1994UK1994
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Cover of Paragliders (The Remixes), 1994-06-06, VinylParagliders (The Remixes)
Rising High Records – RSN 83UK1994UK1994
Cover of Paragliders (The Remixes), 1994, VinylParagliders (The Remixes)
2×12", White Label, Promo
Rising High Records – RSN 83UK1994UK1994


  • scoundrel's avatar
    Oliver Lieb takes on the Paragliders moniker for this eponymous set of remixes. The Humate mix has a strong acid bassline, but its driving, hypnotic melodic component is what makes the track stand out even more. The original is more 'traditional' upbeat trance, while Mijk van Dijk offers a twitchier mix that slowly brightens before the beats kick in. Lieb mixes his own "Bagdad," which, while with it has a vaguely Oriental melody, isn't quite Middle Eastern. Still, it's a bit of perky fun. Best to simply let it sail through your ears.
    • globalunderground's avatar
      Edited 10 years ago
      The Humate remix of "Paraglide" is without any doubt one of the best trance tracks ever, and only for that one track it's worth the purchase.

      When i first heard it back in 1994, i could never get it out of my head. It's only 17 years later that i could ID the "secret" track that i had only on tape at home. Even my vinyl shop was unable to ID it. Found it by browsing Youtube. Imagine the whole scope of electronic music in one track... yeah it's that good! A powerful emotional intro shifts into a sliding groove, soon overlayered by a tight acid line and melodic strings. The breakdown consists of a simple yet effective piano melody that harmonizes with all the other previous elements. Truly, if you love trance and you don't know this, check it out real fast. The other mixes, even the original, are far below the Humate remix. The original sounds more goa-ish and the Mijk Van Dijk mix is quite boring.