Static-XProject: Regeneration Vol. 2


Stay Alive3:47
Black Star4:00
No Hope3:18
Take Control3:55
Run For Your Life2:48
Dark Place3:19
Disco Otsego3:57
From Heaven3:55
Terrible Lie4:03
Grover-Yoda-Data 142:39

Credits (35)


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    Cover of Project: Regeneration Vol. 2, 2024-01-26, CDProject: Regeneration Vol. 2
    CD, Album, Stereo
    Otsego Entertainment Group – OEG004CDUSA & Europe2024USA & Europe2024
    Cover of Project Regeneration, Vol. 2, 2024-01-00, VinylProject Regeneration, Vol. 2
    12", Album, Stereo, Red
    Otsego Entertainment Group – OEG004VUS2024US2024
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    • NerdtainmentEmporium's avatar
      It's a great album and glad to be getting new killer music from Static-X (even without Wayne) even though I do think the last album was better than this one.

      The vinyl how ever has an issue where it has a loud pop during Disco Otsego about half way through. I've experiences this in 6 different copies, after cleaning them, and on 2 different record players. It's not enough to ruin the album or even the song, but I do think it might have been a pressing issue.
      • max_kurmaev's avatar
        Edited 4 months ago
        Clear and quiet sound, maybe not so powerful and heavy as I expected, but good

        Sadly my copy has a few pops, one on side a and two on side b
        • Satur_9's avatar
          Edited 5 months ago
          The pressing of this album had some sound issues. 2 different tracks had loud pops, followed by diminished volume of about 5 seconds. I was able to get a replacement from the online store. The 2nd record also has this pop and diminishing sound, but only on 1 track.

          As far as the music, I'm loving it overall. The stand outs for me are Dark Star and Dark Place. I could do without Terrible Lie, but that's because I'm not a huge fan of remakes.
          • Timelord100's avatar
            How come this is only listed as a CD, when it is available on vinyl?? Any Colour Varients Pressed????

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