BoxcutterZabriskie Disco
Boxcutter Ft. Brian Greene (2)All Too Heavy
Boxcutter Vs. Ken & RyuCold War
BoxcutterTV Troubles
Boxcutter Ft. Brian Greene (2)The Dissolve
BoxcutterMoon Pupils
BoxcutterFactory Setting
Boxcutter Vs. Kab DriverLittle Smoke Remix
Boxcutter Ft. Brian Greene (2)Ufonik

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    Cover of The Dissolve, 2011-05-00, VinylThe Dissolve
    LP, Album
    Planet Mu – ZIQ289UK2011UK2011
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    Cover of The Dissolve, 2011-04-25, CDThe Dissolve
    CD, Album
    Planet Mu – ZIQ289CDUK2011UK2011
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    The Dissolve
    LP, Album, Test Pressing
    Planet Mu – ZIQ 289UK2011UK2011
    New Submission
    Cover of The Dissolve, 2011-04-25, CDThe Dissolve
    CD, Album
    Melting Bot – MBIP-5501Japan2011Japan2011
    New Submission
    Cover of The Dissolve, 2011, CDrThe Dissolve
    CDr, Album, Promo
    Planet Mu – ZIQ289UK2011UK2011
    New Submission
    Cover of The Dissolve, 2015-10-15, FileThe Dissolve
    13×File, FLAC, Album
    Planet Mu – ZIQ289CDUK2015UK2015
    New Submission


    • scoundrel's avatar
      The perky "Panama," which kicks of Boxcutter's THE DISSOLVE, almost sounds like Lynn is going in a new, funk direction, replete with bass and vocal samples, and the shimmer of "Zabriskie Disco" only reinforces this. The R&B vocals on "All Too Heavy" contribute greatly as well. But "Cold War" and "Moon Pupils" return Lynn to more familiar dubstep territory with digital stompers, while the reverb guitars of "Passerby" convey a rainy melancholy. But "TV Troubles" returns to the funk with a nice layer of haze, before the title track smothers itself entirely in that haze. But the sharp angles of ""Factory Setting" help cut through the haze momentarily, though it returns somewhat in echoing dub form with "Allele." But the dubstep comes back in full-force with the Kab Driver remix of "Little Smoke" before "Ufonik" beams into outer space on a slow drive. Boxcutter has never been more clear with THE DISSOLVE.
      • sh.tcore91's avatar
        If you haven't heard Boxcutter yet, try this album. It contains 3 of his simply best tracks one after one (Passerby, TV Troubles and The Dissolve).

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