Peter Hammill ‎– The Fall Of The House Of Usher



ACT I (The Road To The House Of Usher)
An Unenviable Role 2:27
That Must Be The House 4:52
ACT II (Within The House Of Usher)
Architecture 3:35
The Sleeper 3:22
One Thing At A Time 2:50
I Shun The Light 3:38
Leave This House 5:15
ACT III (Immediately Following)
Dreaming 3:45
A Chronic Catalepsy 3:15
The Herbalist 3:43
The Evil That Is Done 3:07
ACT IV (The Following Morning)
Five Years Ago 3:27
It's Over Now 3:44
An Influence 3:20
No Rot 2:04
ACT V (Dawn The Next Day)
She Is Dead 6:04
ACT VI (Three Days Later)
Beating Of The Heart 5:13
The Haunted Palace 4:20
I Dared Not Speak 1:45
She Comes Towards The Door 2:29
The Fall 3:07