English Muffin / Glitch / Machines (8)The Industrial Strength U.K. Sampler


English MuffinThe Blood Of An English Muffin4:36
English MuffinThe Blood Of An English Muffin (Carl Cox Remix)5:14
GlitchHeavy Mental4:45
GlitchHeavy Mental (Jack Smooth Remix)5:51
Machines (8)In The Machine6:31
Machines (8)In The Machine (GTO Remix)6:15
English MuffinRide5:06
English MuffinRide (Conquer Remix)6:10


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    Cover of The Industrial Strength U.K. Sampler, 1993, VinylThe Industrial Strength U.K. Sampler
    2×12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Test Pressing, White Label
    MMR Productions – MMR003UK1993UK1993
    New Submission
    Cover of The Industrial Strength U.K. Sampler, 1994-01-00, VinylThe Industrial Strength U.K. Sampler
    2×12", 33 ⅓ RPM
    MMR Productions – MMR003UK1994UK1994
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    Cover of MMR / Industrial Strength Double Pack, 1994, VinylMMR / Industrial Strength Double Pack
    2×12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Promo, White Label
    MMR Productions – MMR 003UK1994UK1994
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    • traffic_cone's avatar
      This is a fantastic double pack - taking four very different early Industrial Strength tunes, and adding four very different UK remixes.

      On the first record, Carl's remix of "English Muffin" is more in the direction he was going by the end of the year - the hoovers from the original are there, but in a much more early nu nrg / hard house form. And on the other side, Jack Smooth's remix of "Heavy Mental" is very much his take on the classic Industrial Strength hardcore techno sound, filtered through his more melodic style. The end result is somewhere between the two, creating an unusual, but very versatile tune. And he uses the guitar elements from the original very well.

      On the other record, the hardcore side of Carl Cox is represented by the Conquer remix of "Ride". The original is one of the lighter tunes on IS - his remix increases the tempo without going too heavy. But the real gem on this EP is side C.

      The original of "In The Machine" is also one of the "lighter" tunes on Industrial Strength - a trippy acid tune that has more of a trancy vibe, than the more aggressive headfuck tracks from the other half of the "Machines" aiias, Oliver Chesler. As such it's alright, but a bit unremarkable (for my tastes anyway). But the GTO remix however is the highlight of this double album. Like a lot of their remixes, this is very different to the original, basically only keeping the vocal sample. Instead they created a track which feels like the darker evil twin to their tune "Passion" (as Technohead) - with similar drums and tempo, but much more stripped back, and replacing the hectic 303 with a more malevolent growl of an analogue synth riff. The other remixes are good - but this is the track to buy this release for.

      Although I still have no idea what Sean Connery is saying at the start!
      • Tommy_Vercetti's avatar
        Great record all together, but I want to emphasize one track which is truly outstanding and doesn't get enough credit. It's Heavy Metal by Glitch remixed here by Jack Smooth. Although at first I liked this track by hearing it in some old live set from Holland, I really started freaking about it the more I listened to it. You discover true genius of this remix by slowly digging into it and I would have this track banging out of my stereo any day and any time! That's how great I think it is!
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          In The Machine (GTO Remix) ..90's warehouse banger.

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