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Activate! 3:34
Blood In My Eyes 3:45
Black Flags 3:58
Is This Hyperreal? 4:10
Codebreaker 5:13
Shadow Identity 4:10
Re-Arrange Your Synapses 3:12
Digital Decay 4:21
The Only Slight Glimmer Of Hope 3:51
Collapse Of History 6:57

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January 22, 2017
referencing Is This Hyperreal?, CD, Album, DHRCD43
I've listened to ATR since the 90s as well. I really like both "Is This Hyperreal?" and "Reset" albums. Quit complaining that they don't sound the same as they did in the 90s! Life goes on and people change. I'm more interested in their new stuff than listening to their old stuff and wishing they'd be stuck in the past forever. The mix of noise and political / current event lyrics is what I enjoy about them. They are still making very cool stuff and are very interesting. ATR = punk. They are more relevant now than ever.


September 3, 2013
referencing Is This Hyperreal?, CD, Album, DHRCD43

When I first picked up this album, I had already knew that this was not going to be the same Atari Teenage Riot I knew back when I discover them back in 2005. I was actually a little worried if this album was going still be ATR-ish because of Carl's death and the abstinence of Hanin (to which, I hope Alec and Hanin settle their differences one day). But after listening to it a couple of times, I say it's still has that Atari Teenage Riot vibe. Songs like Activate!, Black Flags, and The Only Slight Glimmer Of Hope are pretty close to a classic Atari Teenage Riot songs. But in a typical ATR style, they try to enhance their sounds and experiment to be more modern, which I'm all up for! Songs like Shadow Identity, Blood In My Eyes and The Collapse of History are very welcoming new songs, and they're pretty good and fun songs! But, on the other hand, songs like Is This Hyperreal, Digital Decay and Codebreakers kind of feel bland to me.
Production wise, it's not the old Digital Hardcore sound from the 90s. I mean, this is still Digital Hardcore, but I feel it's becoming more on the electronic side. Other than that, yes, this is still a Digital Hardcore record.
I think the only real problem I have with this album is the lack of CX Kidtronik involvement on this album, he only did vocals for Three of the songs. I know he's not the next Carl Crack, but hell I would've love to hear more output from him in this album.
But the point of the matter and the reason why I'm writing this review: Is this an actual Atari Teenage Riot album???
The answer: To some, yes, to others no. It's an opinion based answer, and I could see why fans would either hate or love this album. Sure, it's an great album, not my favorite, but it's a fun album to listen to once in a while.


February 19, 2013
referencing Is This Hyperreal?, CD, Album, DHRCD43

I discovered Atari Teenage Riot when I in 9th grade; around 2005 --- I think? Maybe '06. So I fell in love with their "original" sound --- "1995/Delete Yourself!", "The Future of War", and --- to a lesser extent --- "60 Second Wipe Out". When I got this album, I was a bit disappointed. I really like the message behind the lyrics, but Christopher_Jion is right: There is too much sloganeering going on. I don't want another "Delete Yourself!" because I get that bands need to evolve their sound, but this album really does seem to leave out a large part of the "Digital Hardcore" and "Atari Teenage Riot" aesthetic and ideal(s). There are a few songs that I like: "Activate" is probably the closest you'll get to the classic ATR sound, but even that is a far stretch. "The Collapse of History" is pretty cool, but not a classic ATR song. I think that if this released under a different name then there wouldn't be such a backlash.


January 5, 2012
referencing Is This Hyperreal?, CD, Album, DHRCD43
Music Is A Weapon... Arm Yourselves...

So ATR is back, in full effect i might add, the no-nonsense lyrics delivered in the ever so angry manner, a little more focused, a little more mature, Alec is back with Nic Endo's sonic assaults and ruff to the smooth vocals.
The breaks driven distorted mayhem however is gone... (except the slight return on the last track "Collapse of History" in the form of the mighty "AMEN BREAK").
It's safe to say that they haven't lost their edge, which is very surprising. In the age of digital decay ATR is a fitting soundtrack. To all those that are wondering why ATR does not sound like "Delete Yourself" and "Future of War", ask yourselves this simple question: Is the way you communicate the same as 10-16 years ago?




October 18, 2011
referencing Is This Hyperreal?, CD, Album, DHRCD43

looking for ATR?
Wrong Page! Here's their very true inheritance:


June 9, 2011
referencing Is This Hyperreal?, CD, Album, DHRCD43
This is a great album. I have been listening to ATR since 1997 when I was 13 years old, I'm 27 now, I've gone long periods of time without feeling like listening to ATR or any of the DHR stuff, but I always come back to it. So what if this newest album is more commercial? What do you want? It's a bit more mature than previous albums, then again Alec Empire is like 40 now, isn't he? Atari Teenage Riot and the whole DHR discography was to me always as much about the music as it was style and aesthetic anyhow. Every song on this album is anthemic and fun, if perhaps not lyrically cutting and sharp as previous albums. But just don't think too hard about it. Just enjoy it. Or don't. I'm sure Mr. Empire won't care either way but personally I'm glad, and literally, euphorically ecstatic to have a new ATR album in my hands. It sounds like current dance music smashed up with old 90's ATR, it's new and different enough to keep my interest but evokes a nostalgia for the good old days of DHR too. So what if they went more "commercial"? It's still a great album, with that same sneering, punky, snotty, fuck you attitude that made me fall in love with ATR in the first place. And still I've a crush on Alec Empire. And Nic Endo.


May 20, 2011
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Like Christopher_Jion, I grew up on ATR. They're the reason I like 90% of the music I like now, and DHR was a major inspiration for my own music. This album is an abomination, a hollow shell of blandness and mediocrity. Alec is obviously trying to appeal to the Dim Mak/dance/hipster crowd. Fucking weak.


May 17, 2011
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referencing Is This Hyperreal?, CDr, Album, Promo, none

As a huge ATR/DHR fan who's stayed true to the bone since 1996, I feel I can say this about a band I love to death:
*ahem* ATR should be fucking ASHAMED of this turd. This is NOT digital hardcore, this is electropunk. Not Rugged, too clean, too polished, too slick, no surprises, no hooks, not memorable. It doesn't sound organic at all. Hard breaks are absent here. Even though real gear was used, it still kind of sounds like Fruity Loops on an iPhone to me. It really sounds like a band imitating ATR, but not quite accomplishing it.
I think a major problem with this album is that there are no sampled guitar loops or weird little sounds adding texture in the mid-range, not to mention the missing sampled breakbeats and movie samples! I mean, listen to all the weird sounds happening in "Not Your Business" or "Sick To Death" ...they add so much heart, individuality, & energy to the tracks. And the guitar parts in this new album were played FOR the track and that ended up really boring and predictable.

Now, I'm not saying ATR has to copy the old albums at all, they should push things forward as always, but it was a perfect way of making music and it would've worked forever. ...and this album is gigantic leaps backwards.
They say they were going back to the original ATR sound with this album, but this stuff sounds nothing like "Children Of The New Breed", "Anarchy In The Suburbs Of Berlin", "Speed", or "Crash Groove". As those tracks were fun, catchy, and energetic.
And there is soooo much sloganeering here, way too much, gets on the fucking nerves. They always had some going on of course, but it was honest and really passionate. This just feels really written out. And they seem so much more about their image than ever before. So much posing and posturing. THEY HOLD COMPETITIONS ON FACEBOOK FOR PERFUME NOW!

Also, the cover art. WTF, guys? Boring. Why not use Hell & Virus? If you're gonna use the same machines to make the music, why not stick to your visual aesthetic as well? (oh yeah! because fanboys think Nic is "OMG SOOOO HOT!!!!" and ATR now kowtows to the idiots buying this turd of an album.) Also, Alec's albums and singles got a lot less good once his face/their faces were on every single one. (the exceptions being The Destroyer & Alec vs Elvis).

Maybe they set the bar too high with the first few albums (1995 & The Future Of War are 100% perfect albums).
That time and place and energy can never be replicated (and maybe they shouldn't try to).
But this one really kind of feels like a forced album. They still put on a hell of a live show though, so if you want to hear some of the old tracks, go see them live. ...just cross your fingers they don't play any of these shitty new tracks.

We live in a world where electronic music is doing all kinds of insane stuff, kids are pushing it so hard into weird and intense places and doing so much with it. ATR was always light years ahead of the pack, but now it seems they're far behind it.
...and it's not like I'm some jerk who doesn't like new music or when bands sound a bit different as their career progresses. Not at all. I like when new ground is conquered (when it's done well of course). But this is just a really weak album from a band who used to make the most energetic and solid albums humanly possible.

Death Grips - Exmilitary. The raw aggression and energy of that album beats this new version of ATR into a pile of wimpy bones, leather pants, & eyeliner crying on the floor. If I was ATR I'd be embarrassed to call Is This Hyperreal "hard" and "heavy" when things like that exist.
ATR, you are a joke.