Jonny From SpaceBack Then I Didn't But Now I Do

Jonny From Space - Back Then I Didn't But Now I Do album cover


Crystal Eyes3:49
Luna Dance3:24
Level Skip3:50
Dream Reality2:14
Hold & Release5:01
Run It4:56
Hearing Colors3:43


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    Cover of Back Then I Didn't But Now I Do, 2024, VinylBack Then I Didn't But Now I Do
    Incienso – INC 02620242024
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    Cover of Back Then I Didn't But Now I Do, 2024-02-09, FileBack Then I Didn't But Now I Do
    10×File, FLAC, Album
    Incienso – INC 026US2024US2024
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    • RyStar's avatar
      I love this album! The music deserves 5 stars, but the vinyl sound quality is very poor compared to streaming on Tidal. I did an A/B comparison, and my jaw dropped when I started streaming. A relatively huge soundstage with 3D elements floating in my room, none of which is present on the vinyl. I mean, it’s “there”, but it doesn’t jump out and sparkle the way it does on tidal. I almost couldn’t believe they were the same songs. So, this pressing only gets 2 stars from me, and I’m going to trade it for store credit at my local shop because I can’t ever go back to listening to the vinyl version. Also, I’m out of shelf space. 🤦‍♂️
      • juanviss's avatar
        Edited 3 months ago
        sublime + moody. jonny is in a class of his own in the ambient, downtempo space. this debut record is crisp and the cover art really striking and fitting. this one is going to stay with me for a long time.
        • emulsion's avatar
          Edited 4 months ago
          Really, really into this, like, neo trip hop thing that’s been going lately. Stuff like this, some records on 3 X L, etc that roll around in a similar tempo range but with this very contemporary sound design.

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