Gene HuntChicago Dance Tracks


Virgo FourThe Dryer5:29
Larry Heard Vs. Marshall JeffersonYou're Mine Vs. Destination (Zernell Gillie's Rework)6:33
Fingers Inc.326 Donnie (Gene Hunt's Box Rework)6:23
Mr. FingersFinger Fuck7:51
Dion Wilson & Tony*10155:42
Steve 'Silk' Hurley*I Don't Know5:22
Mike DunnGherkin Aftermath 9095:51
Farley J.M.F.*Yes He Saved Me (Gene Hunt Mix)6:31
Craig Loftis*Yes I'm Right7:10
Farley Keith WilliamsJ.M.F. Groove6:18
Ron HardySensation (Original Mix)6:37
Lil Louis*Super Clash (DJ Cease aka George Dupree Rework)6:21

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    Cover of Chicago Dance Tracks, 2011, CDChicago Dance Tracks
    CD, Mixed, Promo
    Rush Hour (4) – RH-MT 2Netherlands2011Netherlands2011
    New Submission
    Cover of Chicago Dance Tracks Part 1, 2011-05-00, VinylChicago Dance Tracks Part 1
    2×12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Compilation
    Rush Hour (4) – RH 115-LP1Netherlands2011Netherlands2011
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Chicago Dance Tracks Part 2, 2011-05-23, VinylChicago Dance Tracks Part 2
    2×12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Compilation
    Rush Hour (4) – RH 115-LP2Netherlands2011Netherlands2011
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    Cover of Chicago Dance Tracks, 2011, FileChicago Dance Tracks
    12×File, MP3, Compilation, 320 kbps
    Rush Hour (4) – RH 115-LPNetherlands2011Netherlands2011
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    Cover of Chicago Dance Tracks, 2011-05-00, FileChicago Dance Tracks
    12×File, FLAC, Compilation
    Rush Hour (4) – RH 115 CDNetherlands2011Netherlands2011
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    Cover of Chicago Dance Tracks, 2011, CDChicago Dance Tracks
    CD, Compilation, Remastered
    Rush Hour (4) – RH115CDNetherlands2011Netherlands2011
    New Submission
    Chicago Dance Tracks
    CDr, Compilation, Promo, Plastic Sleeve
    Rush Hour (4) – RH115CDNetherlands2011Netherlands2011
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    • SAUMONFUME's avatar
      Mr. Fingers - Finger Fuck - is the one !!
      • seanytho's avatar
        *it needs a repress*
        what a good selection and damn The Dryer is a true chi-town deepness track
        solid 5/7
        • funk_wid_it's avatar
          Edited 6 years ago
          I would love to know for sure what year the Larry Heard track was made. Anyone know? I'm guessing 1987.
          • briscoboy's avatar
            Is there a possible reissue happening? Or a single pressing of that craig loftis track, maybe?
            • enabler's avatar
              Gotta disagree with you on the Mike Dunn track. For me it's the best cut on the record, reason I bought it
              • DreMwlano's avatar
                The Dryer solidifies the duo "Virgo Four" as true early masters of deep house. "Trust" and "Yes I'm Right" make this compilation a true godsend, thank you to Gene Hunt! The genius of this work, produced with relatively little support, compensation or technology, is astounding.
                • steady-j's avatar
                  If it's possible, part 1 is even better than part 2 (which I got hold of first) Dark and heavy tunes abound from start to finish, although the fact that the Mike Dunn track is derivative is a down point. The StevePoindexter shares a riff from "Strings of Life" - I;m guessing that this one therefore comes from the latter end of the 82-89 timescale, and it sounds like the original tape had a HELLLUVA a lot of rotation!
                  For once, vinyl buyers get some payback for their dedication - not only does each pack contains one bonus track not found on the CD, the longest track on each vinyl set is also edited or curtailed in some way for the silver disc, so although you pay (roughly) 3 times the price, at least you benefit in terms of completion!
                  • steady-j's avatar
                    Wow! These "lost tracks" give a glimpse into the world of the early Chicago Hosue scene, in a way that we have never had before - a glimpse into the world epitomized by Ron Hardy's legendary Music Box, where DJs would play unreleased tracks from their friends and associates, straight off reel-to-reel. Here are a bagful of tapes that Gene has kept for all these years, and now sorted out licensing and publishing so the world can hear these tracks.
                    The Craig Loftis and Sleezy D tracks in particular are absolute bangers, really dark and heavy - redolent of dark rooms with dripping walls. I can't wait for my Part 1 to arrive!
                    • inspector.godot's avatar
                      Edited 11 years ago
                      Some fantastic tunes on this. Especially Ron Hardy's "Sensation" is a very cool dance track with funky percussion and so "technoid" that it seems to be far ahead of its time considering it is the "Original Mix" of a record released in 1985! Only a very few tracks in the history of house music sound so modern so early - Knight Action's "R-Trax" from 1984 is an example, the very first Acid House track, or Phuture's famous "Acid Tracks", which is said to be played out in Ron Hardy's (!) club in Chicago and by Pierre in the Warehouse already around 1985. Well, with "Sensation" there is now another example how early the house thing started.

                      Remarkable is also Craig Loftis' "Yes I'm Right (Power Plant Mix)" which sounds extremely modern, reminding me so much of contemporary artists like (for example) Vitalic that it's even hard for me to believe this is really an original. But of course: all true originals on this. Incredible! Other tracks in the meanwhile aren't as striking, and especially boring for me is Mike Dunn's "Gherkin Aftermath 909": a merely exact copy of Gherkin Jerks' "Tar-Disc" that doesn't bring anything new to it and lacks the drive of the original.
                      • DirtyDisco's avatar
                        Sleezy D's "Trust" is obviously an earlier (and much better) version of his track "I've Lost Control". It's a dark acid trip into the darkest of house music, no words to describe it. Shocking it's such an old track. I'm speechless.

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