Jam J(33:19)
Phase 1 (Arena Dub)
Phase 2 (Amphetamine Pulsate)
Phase 3 (Sabresonic Tremelo Dub)
Phase 4 (Spaghetti Steamhammer)

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    Cover of Jam J, 1994-03-28, CDJam J
    CD, Single
    Fontana – JIMCD15, Fontana – 858 355-2UK & Europe1994UK & Europe1994
    Cover of Jam J, 1994-03-21, VinylJam J
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Single
    Fontana – JIMX15, Fontana – INT 858 355-1UK & Europe1994UK & Europe1994
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    Cover of JAM J, 1994, VinylJAM J
    12", Single, Promo
    Fontana – JIMX DJ 15UK1994UK1994
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    • mjb's avatar
      As reviewed by me in August 1994, a time when I was often misusing the word "techno":

      Summary: Top notch dub from the dub/techno crossover master Andy Weatherall and pals. I think James lost the battle.

      Boy, am I glad I brought a change of underwear! ;-) Topping out my "best dub of 1994" chart by a longshot is this brain crusher by The Sabres of Paradise trio of Andy Weatherall, Jagz Kooner and Gary Burns. Actually not that complex, the Sabres reworking is in four phases dominated by Weatherall's older style of anthemic dub techno rather than the reverberated pounding of other SOP releases.

      Arena Dub opens with real drums (well, sampled loops of course), then looped guitar snippets that double over on themselves as the delays kick in. Eventually a wild Jah Wobble style bassline comes in and the parts alternate under various reverbs & delays until finally winding down into Amphetamine Pulsate, a faster, sparser, more electronic phase. Dry TR909 toms bounce from speaker to speaker as a reverb-buried TR808 cowbell (used well, thankfully) plays hide-n-seek with a flanged handclap a la FSOL's remix of Curve's "Rising". In the background a rapid, processed hi-hat line sounds like an uneven, unabrasive metallic buzz. The third part brings new drum and guitar loops with careful applications of delays and tremelos. The last part is mostly just an extension of the previous.

      Snatch this one up while you can; I hear it's getting hard to come by already.
      • pyenapple's avatar
        This is a beautifully unexpected and amazing electronic dub journey guided by Team Sabres. The original "Jam J" was the work of improvised nocturnal band jam sessions guided by Eno and then reworked and structured by the hands of Markus Dravs (it sounded a bit like U2's darker, wilder moments on "Achtung Baby" — but with all the pompous crap leeched out). Taking this already weird and fantastically loose James song, Weatherall and the gang shatter it like it was a delicate, transparent vase, then drop the remaining shards of crystal, interesting and twisted shapes, into a giant universe-sized bathtub to see how it all echoes and pulsates in the background cosmic radiation left over from the Big Bang. As it turns out, it sounds fucking great.
        • player's avatar
          Edited one year ago
          JAMES vs SABRES OF PARADISE "Jam J" CDEP is one long journey across 33min+(in 2 parts) that has been totally reworked/rewritten and much extended from the original James version into a unique instrumental SoP hypnotizing moody atmospheric music style layered with lo-fi dub, urban progressive downtempo house along with use of raw indie guitar. A slow unfolding captivating and memorizing listening experience into languorous electronic indie music in way that only The Sabres Of Paradise can create!- DO NOT MISS
          • scoundrel's avatar
            Edited 17 years ago
            When the Sabres of Paradise take you on a journey, they really take you. They rework James' JAM J into a one, long, languorous dub journey, back in the heady days when "chill out" actually meant something. It's time to kick up your feet for the slow, shuffling beats during the Arena Dub" and digital blippery during the "Amphetamine Pulsate." By the "Sabresonic Tremolo Dub" more of the guitars come through, but still in service to the reverb. Finally, the "Spaghetti Steamhammer" rolls in like a Western on Quaaludes.

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