Whole Earth Rhythm
Babu Shoda
Ha Ha Modi
People Brittle
I Give You Johnnée The Truth
Dabi Das' Song

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    Cover of Whole Earth Rhythm, 1970, VinylWhole Earth Rhythm
    LP, Album
    Anna Chakraborty's Musical Sewing Machine – MSM101US1970US1970
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    Cover of Whole Earth Rhythm, 1970, VinylWhole Earth Rhythm
    LP, Album, Stereo
    MCA Records – MAP/S 5217Australia1970Australia1970
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    Cover of Whole Earth Rhythm, 1970, VinylWhole Earth Rhythm
    LP, Album, Stereo
    MCA Records – MAP/S 5217New Zealand1970New Zealand1970
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    Cover of Whole Earth Rhythm, 1971, VinylWhole Earth Rhythm
    LP, Album, Reissue, Stereo
    UNI Records – 73116US1971US1971
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    • JorgAusfelt's avatar
      Edited 2 years ago
      OK, they're not Music Ensemble Of Benares (whom I saw perform here in Sweden 30 years ago, after 2 "trips" to India and Nepal), but this Western take on 20-30-minute, classical Indian ragas, laced with psychedelia light, is only loosely connected to the "Raga Rock" that was all the rage after Ravi Shankar's visit to Montery Pop Festival in 1967 and Woodstock 2 years later. His nephew soon followed to California and recorded an essential album, Ananda Shankar - Ananda Shankar, the very same year as this one. Comes highly recommended (by me...).

      Anybody know why Grace Slick's then nephew, Darby Slick (who wrote Jefferson Airplane - Somebody To Love in 1967), got a "Special Thanks" on the back cover?!?
      • somerandomcat's avatar
        I love this album. It kind of reminds me of the band Quintessence in their more ethnic moments. These guys spent four years in India continuing their musical studies that they had begun in San Fransisco with Ali Akbar Khan. There's a sort of joyful burnt out feeling to it all. Unlike many of the acid folk bands around who would mix some ethnic instruments in with their western ones these guys play with nothing but Indian instruments which makes it stand out from the crowd. I'll admit to being a fan of both classical Indian music and the San Francisco scene and this blend just works perfectly for me. It's sadly obvious why the album wasn't a hit though, it's not going to be many people's cup of chai. But for me it's a great album to pop on at the start of the day to send me out into the world charged up with a positive vibe. I prefer this reissue cover too, a big more of a clue to the music contained within.
        • mukuta's avatar
          most copys of ;

          Anna Chakraborty's Musical Sewing Machine, are bad pressings , not centered
          the original cover was censored thats why uni gave it another cover

          nice hippy sitar album

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