Kammarheit - The Starwheel vintalin

February 27, 2017
referencing The Starwheel, CD, Album, 12th Cycle
I want a vinyl release too. Is it possible? Remastering maybe?

Kammarheit - The Starwheel as reviewed by Reticulum_Flux

September 22, 2006
edited over 13 years ago
referencing The Starwheel, CD, Album, 12th Cycle
A pretty good dark ambient album. My only real complaint is how short it is...

The cover picture sums up well what the sound is like. Picture being alone, out in a wasteland, darkness all around you. Track 2, Spatium, sums up the scenerio and sound perfectly for me. I think the thing that makes Kammarheit stand out compared to other artists of the genre is the fact that he uses atmospheres alone.. no voice samples or clanks in the music.. just good old imagination.