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The Black SeedsInto The Dojo

The Black Seeds - Into The Dojo album cover



The Answer3:49
Cool Me Down4:59
Way The World5:16
Got A Girl3:38
Love For Property6:10
Good People (Get Together)4:27
Heavy Mono E5:21
The Prince3:27
Sometimes Enough4:46
One By One3:52
Sometimes Dub4:50
Cool Me Dub4:54
Tuk Tuk (Bonus Track)4:46


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    Cover of Into The Dojo, 2006, CDInto The Dojo
    CD, Album
    Waiting Room Records – WRRCD001, Waiting Room Records – WRR001UK2006UK2006
    New Submission
    Cover of Into The Dojo, 2006, CDInto The Dojo
    CD, Album
    Remote Control – RCON003CDAustralia2006Australia2006
    New Submission
    Cover of Into The Dojo, 2006, CDInto The Dojo
    CD, Album
    Capitol Music – 3681112New Zealand2006New Zealand2006
    New Submission
    Cover of Into The Dojo, 2007-07-30, CDInto The Dojo
    CD, Album
    Best Seven – SBCD0008Germany2007Germany2007
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Into The Dojo, 2007, CDInto The Dojo
    CD, Album, Reissue
    Capitol Music – 3681112New Zealand2007New Zealand2007
    New Submission
    Into The Dojo
    CD, Album, Promo, Reissue
    Cardboard Sleeve
    Best Seven – SBCD0008Germany2007Germany2007
    New Submission
    Cover of Into The Dojo, 2012, CDInto The Dojo
    CD, Album, Reissue
    Proville Records – 96640220122012
    New Submission
    Cover of Into The Dojo, 2012-04-10, CDInto The Dojo
    CD, Album, Stereo
    Easy Star Records – ES-1031North America (inc Mexico)2012North America (inc Mexico)2012
    New Submission
    Cover of Into The Dojo, 2012, CDInto The Dojo
    CD, Album, Reissue, Stereo
    Proville Records – PVR004CD20122012
    New Submission
    Cover of Into The Dojo, 2016-07-22, VinylInto The Dojo
    LP, Album, Limited Edition, Remastered
    Proville Records – PVR004LPNew Zealand2016New Zealand2016
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Into The Dojo, 2019-08-13, VinylInto The Dojo
    LP, Album, Limited Edition, Repress
    Proville Records – PVR004LPNew Zealand2019New Zealand2019
    New Submission
    Cover of Into The Dojo, 2019, VinylInto The Dojo
    LP, Album, Reissue
    Proville Records – PVR004LPBNew Zealand2019New Zealand2019
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    • streetmouse's avatar
      Edited 5 years ago
      I put off even considering the Black Seeds for as long as I could, then their single “One By One” was used in the Breaking Bad series [which was filmed all around me, here in New Mexico], and I came face to face with the realization that I could no long neglect this staggering bit of ‘blue eyed reggae,’ and have since, allowed myself to to swept away by the musical intoxication.

      It’s been said that the Seeds lack guts, that their sound is too popular, that it’s not sincere, yet at this era in our world, especially in America, we all need a dose of music that’s not only fun, but creates an atmosphere so richly layered, an atmosphere that we don’t so much need to get lost in as individuals [though that is easy to do], but more of an atmosphere that unveils itself, revealing a trippy-er side that we can all embrace together … getting lost in a crowd of likeminded believers.

      Within these grooves you’re not gonna find a blend of reggae and dub that’s not so deep that’s it’s unrecognizable to most, as the Black Seeds dance out across a stable platform, where like Bob Marley, who was once accused of making his version of reggae too commercial, too popular, and too far from its roots, did so many years ago … with people later following his footprints down the beach. You will find that Into The Dojo is one of those albums that though very commercial, and in a good way, is just mainstream enough, and just mysterious enough, to cast a wide net that people are anxious to be caught up in.

      The album is noticeably tightly constructed, though it does induce a laid back vibe of contained and structured inherent musical rambling, in much the same fashion as the Grateful Dead did with rock n’ roll so many years ago.

      Never failing to please, the Black Seeds are not a reggae band as such per say, their roots span endless boundaries that include reggae, soul, funk, boogie, and of course R&B … it’s just that they manage to lace it all together in a heretofore unheard of fashion, with a passion of boundless energy. Of course I fully realize that this is music for the white hip, but anything that leapfrogs and unifies people of varying cultures together in such a joyous environment is a good thing in this reviewer’s book.

      It’s tough not to make Into The Dojo not sound like the perfect album, and it certainly does have some flaws, but those are easily overlooked in favor of all that goes right, delivering music that defines a set of attitudes and experiences that on the whole are sound, considered, straightforward, and delightful. And … of course I’ve tried to make it through this review without the marijuana culture references, but [laughing] that’s just impossible to do, as the grooves lead to no place else, other than to a dancehall or living room filled with hazy blue smoke that only encourages turning up the volume.

      Review by Jenell Kesler