John Creamer & Stephane K.*Tora Chan
Dylan DrazenAir Pressure


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    Cover of Tora Chan / Air Pressure, 2002-06-18, VinylTora Chan / Air Pressure
    12", 45 RPM
    Clicktracks – CLT50086-1US2002US2002
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    Cover of Tora Chan / Air Pressure, 2002-06-18, VinylTora Chan / Air Pressure
    12", Promo
    Clicktracks – CLT50086-1US2002US2002
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    • RebeL9's avatar
      There seem to exist two different versions of Tora Chan. One is lenghtier and consist of an intro and spoken male vocals throughout the track. The other version is shoter, begings directly with the tribal drum and lacks any vocals. But I can't find more info on if these two were on different releases. Can anyone confirm this?
      • Mark_Anthony's avatar
        Edited one year ago
        If Satan himself wished to announce his presence to all man kind I imagine he would use Tora Chan as his entrance theme song. In an era where the dark dirty drums ruled New York, this one was completely slept on. Didn't make it onto any mix compilations, and was horrendously mislabeled as a Kevin Aviance track when the MP3 leaked back in the day, so most people didnt even know it was a Creamer and K project. This thing is so dark and industrial in nature that it makes the Creamer and K's remix of "Love In Traffic" look like a pink bouquet of roses in comparison. If you want an idea of how big this is, take Satoshi Tomiie's "Virus", Madam's "Penetration" and then combine them both on a healthy dose of steriods. Long live progressive house.

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