Gotta Getta Record Out
She's Not A Little Girl
Curry Your Favor
Baby Why?
I Play The Records
Better Way
If You Love Me
I Don't Wanna Say No
For You
Hurt You
She, Probably
Not Going Down (Anymore)
Big In Japan

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    Cover of Green, 1986, VinylGreen
    LP, Album
    Ganggreen Records – noneUS1986US1986
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    Cover of Green, 1989, CDGreen
    CD, Album
    Megadisc – MCD 7882Netherlands1989Netherlands1989
    New Submission
    Cover of Green, 2009, CDGreen
    CD, Album
    Lion Productions – LION 637US2009US2009
    New Submission
    Cover of Green, 2014, VinylGreen
    LP, Reissue
    Lion Productions – LION LP-143US2014US2014
    New Submission
    Cover of Green, , CDGreen
    CD, Album, Reissue
    Megadisc – MCD 7882, Megadisc – 518 387-2EuropeEurope
    New Submission



    • fr8trn2019's avatar
      Being the founding drummer of Green, I smile,with good memories of the era. It was literally blood, sweat and,tears on the road playing on the same stage night after night with some of the best "college " friendly bands. My favorite memory is when when came back to Chicago to play with the Red Hot Chilly Peppers at the West End around 82,83? Man what a night! It makes me smile to read a nice review or statement about the music of the band and the songs Jeff Lescher, John Diamond and,myself.
      Thank You!
      "Fr8train"John Valley
      • sudont's avatar
        This album should've made these guys stars. But, like a lot of bands, they had the misfortune of making excellent music before the general public caught on, oh, about 1991-ish, to what had been going on for a long time. This hidden gem is even less well known than the Buzzcock's, or the Replacements' masterpieces. Few people outside of Chicago, (and few enough of those), have heard it.
        If songs like the Undertones' "Teenage Kicks", the Raspberries' "Go All the Way", the Replacements' "I Will Dare", or the Buzzcocks' "What Do I Get" are the kind of thing that does it for you, in short, if you like your power-pop with a good dollop of teenage angst, then you're probably gonna dig this record.

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