Progressive AttackThe Secrets Of Love


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The Secrets Of Love6:45
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    Cover of The Secrets Of Love, 1993, VinylThe Secrets Of Love
    12", 45 RPM
    Harthouse – HH 021Germany1993Germany1993
    Cover of The Secrets Of Love, 1993, VinylThe Secrets Of Love
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM
    Harthouse U.K. – HARTUK 9UK1993UK1993
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    Cover of The Secrets Of Love, 1993-05-03, VinylThe Secrets Of Love
    12", White Label, Promo, 33 ⅓ RPM, Stamped
    Harthouse U.K. – HART UK 9UK1993UK1993
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    • joisdaschoweihnachte's avatar
      It was all about understanding this music in 1993. Who can someone not love this track, who is into this stuff?
      • kier0ne's avatar
        The Secrets of Love is the first track that I remember hearing in my head long after the track was over. After the rave. The repeating bass stab sound that never goes away.
        • TimaMachine's avatar
          Edited 10 years ago
          The Secrets Of Love is a pretty average track and very outdated, it gets a 3/5 at the most. Now flip it over and enjoy Cyberlove, a deep and hypnotic track reminiscent of the golden age of trance, 1993 - it gets a solid 4/5. Also check out Hypnoticharmony Part 2 from Hildenbeutel's 2nd release under his Progressive Attack alias - running at 136BPM, it's slower than Cyberlove here but still in the same vain and quite enjoyable in 2013.
          • Max16032's avatar
            Edited 12 years ago
            "It's about Peace and Love"

            With this simple spoken phrase comes the "Progressive Attack" that Mr. Hildenbeutel will send to your senses. With massive amounts of energy and power, "The Secrets Of Love" is an explosive track with aggresive basslines and punching kickdrums. A hard and fast piece of techno adequate for the climax of a set. A Harthouse Essencial! 5/5

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