Prince Side
I Need Your Love
Golden Times
Picture Side
Solar Eclipse

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    Cover of II, 1994, VinylII
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM
    Le Petit Prince – Prince 94/11Germany1994Germany1994
    Cover of II, 1994, CDII
    CD, Single
    Le Petit Prince – PRINCD 94/04Germany1994Germany1994
    Cover of II, 1994, VinylII
    12", Grey Light
    Le Petit Prince – Prince 94/11Germany1994Germany1994
    Cover of II, 1994, VinylII
    12", Promo, White Label
    Le Petit Prince – Prince 94/11Germany1994Germany1994
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    • Pechorin's avatar
      Beautiful St Exupery Acid Playschool Picture Sleeve as well. Golden Times indeed.
      •'s avatar
        This is quite the release.

        'I Need Your Love' is a textbook happy hardcore tune before happy hardcore existed as genre. Ahead of it's time.

        'Golden Times' is the perfect Outro/Last track in a trance set when you want to say goodbye to the crowd and throw one final firecracker on the floor and let them down smoothly with a little bit of emotion.

        'Solar Eclipse' is a hypnotic and sweet acid stomper.
        • repotorp's avatar
          "Solar Eclipse" has to be one of my top 5 techno tracks of all time. It just grows and grows until it's bigger than you, then bigger than the the room you're sitting in (then bigger than the building that houses the room that you're sitting in!). Super creepy soundscapes, but in an extremely good way.
          • LX.C's avatar
            Edited 4 years ago
            "Golden Times" is an TB303 Acid evergreen. So nice. I have mixed it at the 90s. And bought the vinyl again today in 2019 as a sweet memory. I love this so much. Thank you for this.
            • Wizhard's avatar
              I think the more time passes, the more this EP grows a special place into my heart. I think it's mainly because of a huge nostalgia phenomenon. All the tracks mean something to me : some fantastic positive, crazy energetic sunny vibes with "I Need Your Love", some deep emotional chased acid with "Golden Times" (how well did they name it!), some dark warehouse vibes with "Solar Eclipse". It represents something we will never have again (looking at how electronic music turned out). So, to me, it's like looking at a lost paradise and remembering that it once was real. Man would I love seeing again people dancing their asses off on this ...
              • Rich.C's avatar
                Big 1994-96 Mark EG track this, instantly recognizable by the "I need your love" in a sort of chipmink-esque vocals, the bassline to me sounds very similar to Wickee - Aha, played by Mark @ Obsessed 1995, the other 2 tracks are good but not as ravey and have a more techy feel to them, not a cheap purchase but a worthy edition ;)
                • zerius's avatar
                  God I like the disk cover !
                  • someone303's avatar
                    Edited 19 years ago
                    I still do not understand why the cheesy "I Need Your Love" is the first track of this record. Simply forget about track 1 and listen to tracks 2 and 3, which are top notch Acid tunes. "Golden Times" is quite Hardfloorish, but still with its own style. "Solar Eclipse" is the best track of the record and quite unique. I do not know any other acid track (and i know a few of them) where good old silverbox is used in a way like this.
                    • One of the best acid techno releases of 1994, and quite possibly, of all-time. "I Need Your Love" is a hypnotic and energetic journey back to the days of ole. "Golden Times" a mid-tempo minimal acid builder, sets the pace, great for a set finisher. And then there's "Solar Eclipse" the main event on this album. Talk about eerie and mysterious 303 soundscapes building and building. The record takes you back to a time when the music was more important than the money.

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