Feeling (Radio Mix)5:16
BZRK Feelings (Toni Salmonelli Mix)4:59
Feeling (Public Domain Mix)4:09
Feeling (UK Mix)5:35

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    Cover of Feeling EP, 1995, VinylFeeling EP
    12", EP, 45 RPM
    BZRK Records – BZRK 004Netherlands1995Netherlands1995
    Cover of Feeling EP, 1995, VinylFeeling EP
    12", 45 RPM, EP, White Label
    BZRK Records – BZRK 004Netherlands1995Netherlands1995
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    Cover of Feeling EP, 2020-07-08, FileFeeling EP
    4×File, FLAC
    Derailed Traxx.Black – DTBC012DNetherlands2020Netherlands2020
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    Cover of Feeling EP, 2020-07-08, FileFeeling EP
    4×File, MP3, 320 kbps
    Derailed Traxx.Black – DTBC012DNetherlands2020Netherlands2020
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    • traffic_cone's avatar
      This record came out when UK happy hardcore was influencing Dutch hardcore - and the Toni Salmonelli (aka Buzz Fuzz) remix is easily one of the best examples. It starts out more typically Dutch, with a killer juno hoover riff - but there's a nice extra touch with a tuned gabber kick following the stab pattern. Such a simple trick, but one that few tunes from this time used. But then a piano gradually joins the hoovers, before jumping up an octave or two in the second breakdown. And when the tuned kick reappears, it's a magical combination. What makes it so wonderful is that the piano is a bit more melancholy than most happy hardcore - it gives the track so much more feeling than many of the cheesier tracks in this style. Best thing Buzz Fuzz ever did.

      The rest is a mixed bag - the "radio" mix has a more Eurodance feel, I think inspired by the radio mixes of Paul Elstak - and it really doesn't work. I like the Public Domain mix - it's essentially a different tune with the "just a feeling" vocal, with a few nice stabs - more typical Dutch '95 style. The "UK" mix is strangely titled as it has the least connection with UK hardcore - a bit like the Public Domain version but much less memorable.

      But really the reason the prices have shot up for this EP is that A2 mix - and I would say it is worth it.
      • AcidHouseCasual88's avatar
        Edited 4 years ago
        Well This Is One Of The Biggest Pile Of Utter Crap I Have Ever Heard I Stumbled Across This Wile Been Under HMP England, 2020 Covid - 19 Lockdown Week 1 Scandal Wile Browsing Some Old Skool Tracks From The Early 90's And Found This Had Sampled Terrorize - Its Just A Feeling I Was Totally Shocked As It Has Ruined A Stone Cold Old Skool Classic Their Should Be a Law Agains This, Poor Old Shaun Wiil Be Turning In His Grave If He Hears This Monstrosity ....
        • testuser01's avatar
          "Feeling EP" is a Dutch hardcore responce to the UK hardcore track "It's Just A Feeling" by Terrorize.

          The melody in "Feeling (Radio Mix)" is simple, but catchy. I think it's a nice track.

          "BZRK Feelings (Toni Salmonelli Mix)" is the best track on this EP. It mixes powerful piano and background music with strong beat. I think this one is an example of how decent hardcore track should look like - you can enjoy both listening and dancing to the track.

          I was disappointed by both tracks on B side. 'Cause there is no good melody there, just beats and effects. I don't like such music, it's too "empty" for me. In the B2 "UK" mix I expected to find some UK style hardcore, but didn't hear any.

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