Rockin Your Body (Original Mix)4:42
Rockin Your Body (Buzzy Goes BZRK Mix)5:23
Feel The Rhythm (Original Mix)4:38
Feel The Rhythm (Bounty Mix)5:27

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    Cover of Joint Venture, 1996, VinylJoint Venture
    12", 45 RPM
    BZRK Records – BZRK 013Netherlands1996Netherlands1996
    Cover of Joint Venture, 1996, VinylJoint Venture
    12", 45 RPM, Promo, White Label
    BZRK Records – BZRK 013Netherlands1996Netherlands1996
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Joint Venture EP, 2023-11-03, FileJoint Venture EP
    4×File, MP3, EP, 320 kbps
    Derailed Traxx.Black – DTBC090DNetherlands2023Netherlands2023



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      This EP follows in BZRK's confusing tradition of crediting artists under multiple pretend "real" names - because the "joint venture" here is Jorn Hanneman collaborating with himself, since he is both Jeremy and Dr Phil Omanski.

      Anyway, the original mix of "Rockin Your Body" is another gem, that shows Jorn's knack for writing great riffs, with some UK old skool stabs sitting nicely alongside ravey hoovers & well placed diva vocals. Unfortunately the Buzz Fuzz remix lacks his usual magic, ditching most of the good bits from the original in favour of some simple hoovers. It's not awful, just a bit unremarkable.

      On the B side - the original version of "Feel The Rhythm" is already pretty solid, with another well chosen vocal (i think from an old house tune). But the Bounty mix takes it up a notch - again showing Dr Phil / Jeremy's flair for melody, perfectly blending some spiky rave hoovers with a main Italo style synth pattern and the vocals.

      Another top release from one of the best Dutch hardcore labels.

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