Young Birds (Original Mix)5:35
Young Birds (Buzzy Goes Bzrk Mix)6:05
Young Birds (3 Steps Ahead Mix)5:49
Young Birds (Wicked Dimensions Remix)5:10


Vocal break was sampled from Bumble - West In Motion (Haunted Mix)

The sample actually originates from an early 20th Century English Folk song "Bushes and Briars" by Vaughn Williams (1908)


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    Cover of Young Birds, 1996, VinylYoung Birds
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM
    Bzrk Records Black Label – BBL 004Netherlands1996Netherlands1996
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    Cover of Young Birds, 1996, VinylYoung Birds
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM, White Label
    Bzrk Records Black Label – BBL 004Netherlands1996Netherlands1996
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    Cover of Young Birds (Project Stigma Remix), 2019-01-14, FileYoung Birds (Project Stigma Remix)
    File, MP3, 320 kbps
    Derailed Traxx.Black – DTBC008DNetherlands2019Netherlands2019
    Cover of Young Birds (Hard Duck Edit), 2023-08-15, FileYoung Birds (Hard Duck Edit)
    File, MP3, 320 kbps
    Free For All Holland – FFA101DNetherlands2023Netherlands2023
    Cover of Young Birds, , FileYoung Birds
    4×File, MP3, 320 kbps
    Derailed Traxx.Black – DTBC095DNetherlandsNetherlands
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    • 2Styliztik's avatar
      Dr. Phil Omanski was making some excellent Happy Hardcore and Gabber on Bzrk Records under Public Domain, so really it should be no surprise that Young Birds is a very successful mix of those two styles of Hardcore. Its a bit weird seeing DJ Weirdo without DJ Sim, but at the time Weirdo was also mixing up Happy Hardcore with Gabber, so his appearance on this record makes sense. After an intro of nice Breakbeat and a solid kickdrum, the first breakdown has a synth riff that sounds happy but also kinda Gabber-ish, sounds good though! However the most memorable part of the song is the main breakdown in the middle. Taking the lovely soft vocals from Seduction's Sub Dub (which in turn samples Bumble - West In Motion (Haunted Mix)) which everybody knows the lyrics to. This is followed by a simple but hard hitting keyboard riff and more uplifting riff and Pad underneath. Just when you think the song is going to take off it actually fades down for another bassline synth, and then it finally builds up to cause dancefloor mayhem! A true Hardcore anthem and probably Weirdo and Dr. Phil's biggest song. Young Birds was repressed on Rotterdam Records Classics - Happy Hardcore Edition - Volume 1, I tend to play that record because the pressing is much louder than the bland Bzrk pressing.

      Of all the Buzzy Goes Bzrk remixes, the A2 track is my absolute favourite! Buzz Fuzz grabs the original track and pumps it up to 200 BPM. Initially the The Badman Is Robbin sample sound so fast it actually sounds like a DJ scratching. Wisely, Buzz Fuzz retains the aforementioned lovely Sub Dub vocals. Buzzy's main synth riff is a nice remix of the original riff but faster and cut up to good effect. The best part of the remix is between half way and three quarters in. Its another massive breakdown in the middle, using a nice Pad and a short and sharp staggered riff to keep you on your toes. Slowly but surely, the breakdown builds up faster and faster with Claps to finally reveal one of the BEST kickdrums I've ever heard in my life! It's has this wonderful echo feel to it, everytime I hear it, it's just..... unbelievable. Even at the end of the pattern, there's a quick filter, of course Buzz Fuzz never uses this beat ever again, god knows why. Buzz Fuzz was really on top of his production game in the mid 90's, this remix is further proof. Fun facts: Buzzy Goes Bzrk: Goes is a city in Zeeland, Holland. The province of Zeeland is how New Zealand got its name!

      It's hard not to feel some sadness when talking about 3 Steps Ahead. His remix of Young Birds is usually forgotten, but is probably one of the reasons why BBL 004 is so expensive. Like Paul Elstak, 3 Steps Ahead was using large samples from movies, in this case, Stephen King's Maximum Overdrive. As with most of his music, the remix is closer to 200 BPM, it starts off with his trademark rolling energetic synths that really work at 200 BPM. The original main riff is passed through the 3 Steps Ahead filter and still sounds good. Hot off the heels of Drop It, it makes perfect sense how well Mr Pigmans handles the Sub Dub vocals, sometimes I think this remix is an indirect sequel to Drop It. Rest In Peace, 3 Steps Ahead.

      Wicked Dimensions Remix is fairly mediocre Gabber, and is completely overshadowed by the previous songs on this record. I would like to point out that Maurice Schipperheijn would go on to make some highly underappreciated Artcore in the next couple of years, definitely worth checking out, including the awesome name, Psychosluts From Hell!!

      Young Birds is one of the greatest Happy Hardcore/Gabber songs ever made during Holland's brief flirtation with Happy Hardcore in the mid 90's.
      • SECU's avatar
        Seduction - Sub Dub also sampled the vocal. The original mix on here is quality
        • ColonelTirpitz's avatar
          The female vocal sampled is Maddy Prior : Bushes and Briars made for Bumble : West in Motion the Haunted Mix from 1992 .

          The original mix A1 is the best of this record , A2 is okay-ish and for the B-side both are not my cup of tea .

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