Robert Hood ‎– Moveable Parts Chapter 2



The Grey Area 12:52
Untitled 4:44
Untitled (The Figure) 5:00

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January 11, 2009
referencing Moveable Parts Chapter 2, 12", Ltd, M-P307-1
Easily one of Robert Hoods seminal classics, "The Grey Area" uses a simple synth sequence constantly slowly fading in and out. A warm, moody pad and sparse 909 beats using only a few open and closed hi-hat sounds with much space in between deliver a perfect static canvas for the main synth motive's constant movement.

Robert Hood once stated in an interview that he percieves the sky over Detroit as constantly covered by a grey haze - even when the sun is shining. "The Grey Area" delivers a flattering musical interpretation of these abandoned industrial areas Detroit sadly is so "famous" for.

Try driving or walking through a quiet industrial area on a sunday while listening to this track. It is surprising how well the sound fits the experience! This track is epic in the truest sence of the word.

The two tracks on the B-side sound closer to the first chapter of "Moveable Parts" than to the tracks on the 2x12" version of "Moveable Parts Chapter 2" (The Puppet Master). Solid, but nothing spectacular.