UR* - Dark Energy daftcombo

October 16, 2015
referencing Dark Energy, 2x12", UR-029

This release was a very strong 2x12" by U.R. A-side and D-side are my favorite, but all is good really. Funky, sonically original, like techno should be.

UR* - Dark Energy kompressorkanonen

April 27, 2015
edited over 4 years ago
referencing Dark Energy, 12", UR-029r
Much better sound quality than the atrocious original pressing. However, "Midnite Sunshine" and "Atomic Witchdokta" are both heavily edited - the former is seven minutes shorter than on the 1994 release! OK, so the original goes on a bit, but this is more of a multiple amputation job carried out with a blunt hatchet than anything you could call an "edit". Not impressed.

UR* - Dark Energy ballbags

September 14, 2013
referencing Dark Energy, 2x12", UR-029
Wicked record but..
My red copy sounds shite, always has. like a bad pressing. judging by youtube I'm not alone. is the repress any better?

UR* - Dark Energy jeromy

February 6, 2015
edited over 4 years ago
referencing Dark Energy, 2x12", UR-029
The single 12" remastered by Dietrich @ Complete Masterering, NYC from 2011 sounds excellent to me. Well worth picking up.

I also have the original red cover Ron Murphy @ NSC, Detroit mastered 2x12" from 1994, but it's deep in the vaults. I might dig it out and do a comparason sometime, but I don't remember my copy sounding bad.

UR* - Dark Energy as reviewed by eiskristall

February 28, 2002
referencing Dark Energy, 2x12", UR-029

James Pennington told in an interview with Kodwo Eshun
that his grandfather was fighting as GI in Germany in the second world war. At one night the German shot flares into the sky which lit up more brightly as the midnight sun. He slept at this time, waked up suddenly and ran miles away in panic with the wrong shoes(!)of his comrade. That's the story of "Midnight Sunshine" which tells you about fear and pain.


October 31, 2018
referencing Dark Energy, 2x12", UR-029
Great tale right there from Mr Pennington. but unfortunately, the music doesn't really live up to the 'fear and pain'! If I'd experienced that during combat I would have made the musical sounds a lot more terrifying! Don't get me wrong "Midnight Sunshine" is a great track which leans more onto the Housier side of Detroit but again I would have expected much more menace from The Suburban Knight(mare).