4 HeroCreating Patterns

Style:Future Jazz


Golden Solitude6:55
Another Day4:57
Hold It Down5:11
Something Nothing2:37
Ways Of Thought4:29
Twelve Tribes6:06
Les Fleur6:05

Credits (5)


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    Cover of Creating Patterns, 2001-11-05, CDCreating Patterns
    CD, Album
    Talkin' Loud – 5862122, Talkin' Loud – 586 212-2Europe2001Europe2001
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    Cover of Creating Patterns, 2001-11-00, VinylCreating Patterns
    3×12", 45 RPM, Album, Stereo
    Talkin' Loud – 586 057-1UK2001UK2001
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    Cover of Creating Patterns, 2001, CDCreating Patterns
    CD, Album, Special Edition
    Talkin' Loud – 586 057-2UK2001UK2001
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Creating Patterns, 2001-10-31, CDCreating Patterns
    CD, Album
    Talkin' Loud – UICR-1016Japan2001Japan2001
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Creating Patterns - Exclusive Album Promo, 2001-11-00, CDCreating Patterns - Exclusive Album Promo
    CD, Album, Promo
    Talkin' Loud – TLD7UK2001UK2001
    New Submission
    Cover of Creating Patterns, 2001, CDCreating Patterns
    CD, Album
    Universal Music – 73145862122, Talkin' Loud – 73145862122Brazil2001Brazil2001
    New Submission
    Cover of Creating Patterns, 2001, CassetteCreating Patterns
    Cassette, Album
    Talkin' Loud – 586 212-4Thailand2001Thailand2001
    New Submission
    Cover of Creating Patterns - Exclusive Album Promo, 2001-11-05, CDCreating Patterns - Exclusive Album Promo
    CD, Promo
    Talkin' Loud – TLD9UK2001UK2001
    Cover of Creating Patterns, 2001, CDCreating Patterns
    CD, Album
    Talkin' Loud – 586 212-2Australasia2001Australasia2001
    New Submission
    Cover of Creating Patterns, 2001, CDrCreating Patterns
    CDr, Promo
    Talkin' Loud – none, Universal – none, Mercury – none
    +1 more label...
    New Submission
    Cover of Creating Patterns - Exclusive Album Promo, 2001, CDCreating Patterns - Exclusive Album Promo
    CD, Promo
    Talkin' Loud – TLD6UK2001UK2001
    New Submission
    Cover of Creating Patterns, 2001, VinylCreating Patterns
    3×LP, 45 RPM, Album, Test Pressing, White Label
    Talkin' Loud – 586 057-1UK2001UK2001
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    Cover of Creating Patterns, 2006, CDCreating Patterns
    CD, Album, Reissue, Remastered
    Talkin' Loud Classics – 9840571Europe2006Europe2006
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    Cover of Creating Patterns (Includes Bonus Track), 2006, CDrCreating Patterns (Includes Bonus Track)
    CDr, Album, Promo
    Universal – none, Talkin' Loud – none20062006
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    Cover of Creating Patterns, , FileCreating Patterns
    15×File, AAC
    256 kbps
    Talkin' Loud – noneUKUK
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    • jancito303's avatar
      Superb piece of work with Les Fleur being the crown jewel. Just my opinion. Cheerio.
      • karm990's avatar
        Edited one year ago
        I'll keep it simple, ignore the clown below who has no idea what he is talking about regarding this album, 4Hero or it would seem good music in general. If you knew the direction 4hero went in from Two Pages on wards then this album will be no surprise, they were never going to make jungle/D&B bangers exclusively for the rest of their lives. Check it for yourself and make your own mind.
        • themucaro's avatar
          Any particular reason why Mark Murphy's track hasn't his vocals on it on the vinyl? Bit annoying :)
          • LeonardoA's avatar
            As the name implies, the English formation 4 Hero originally from four members. When, however, in 1998 the breakthrough album Two Pages came out, there were only two about: Mark Mac (real name: Mark Clair) and Dego McFarlane. Along with Goldie and Roni Size 4 Hero long time belonged to the biggest innovators in the drum & bass genre. The above-mentioned double album Two Pages had two faces: the first part (Page One) sounded warm and melodic, while the second part (Page Two) especially from chilly, electronic break beats existed. With the successor Creating Patterns (2001) are they managed to mix these elements to a sound that feel free to be called unique. What at the first listening immediately noticeable is the fact that almost all the instruments are played by real musicians. The winds and strings come this time so not from a box and even most drum beats are real. In addition, the vocals become more important and it shows the best in the price numbers Golden Solitude, Another Day (featuring Jill Scott) and the great single Les Fleur. After a few spins, we must conclude that 4 Hero is the dance scene. With Creating Patterns they have a groundbreaking pop album made of which you can enjoy at home.
            • telwin5000's avatar
              Edited 10 years ago
              Nice to see that this LP is fetching some decent prices because thats about the only thing positive i can say about it. I used to love 4 Hero, and a big part of the problem was of course from where they started, right at top, so the only way was down really, or up, up there own ass holes as this album proves. Then again they are keeping dreadful company with mr Giles and Co at talkin loud, i'd say more chin stroking around at studio these days than anything else. I really wanted to like this album, but every song, thats Every song is just plain weak, the female vocalist is dreadfull. 4 hero, i suppose now that i think about it they always threatened to go this way, how the mighty have fallen.
              • shonzilla's avatar
                Edited 15 years ago
                A compilation of previously released 4Hero singles, where most of them are masterpieces. An amazing collection of their trademark musical eclecticism... all the tunes, by default, have the refreshing new-age soul feel with jazzy breaks and an abundance of orchestrated spices all over.

                This release deserves an honorable place in every eclectic music collection.
                • NOSXTC's avatar
                  Edited 16 years ago
                  4heros unmistable natural sound which drips in funk, soul,jazz, and in parts eeriesness. Transcends musical boundaries. The fact that nothing else sounds like it grabs you, it has possibly infinite listening pleasure, you can be sure that no could make a better version than their tremendous vocal tracks which boast tight live instrumentation. For the ultimate in electronic beats / orchestral beats fusion. Sure its beem tried before, but as usual 4hero can really show how genres should sound, which can be only described as that 4hero sound. Lush,deep, an essential armchair 21st century classic.
                  • scoundrel's avatar
                    I don’t think it would be much of an exaggeration to call <I>Creating Patterns</I> a masterpiece. Because it is -- a masterpiece of electronic jazz. 4 Hero have come so far since their early days as drum ‘n’ bass pioneers that it’s astounding to see their transformation. The opening track, “Conceptions,” sets the standard with its thoughtful and smooth instrumentation. The rhythmic sense is still intact, as evidenced by the careful and complex drumming on “Golden Solitude.” The highlight, for me, is the quiet and truthful “Another Day,” featuring the soft vocals of Jill Scott -- it describes how I feel all the time. The Spanish vocals on “Unique” add a different flair, and the chorus on the hippie anthem “Les Fleur” will lift you to another plane. Terry Callier’s soulfulness on “The Day of the Greys” makes it transcendent. What are you still waiting for?
                    • Kee-Lo's avatar
                      This is another interesting album from 4Hero. Some nice tracks on here, specially the colaboration with Jill Scott, and the reunitement of Ursula Rucker on Time. Classic vocals, nice beats and well arranged strings is what its all about with 4 hero, and they couldn't do it better. This is a classic, and a nice comeback from Two Pages, though I would have liked to hear more ruff 4 hero as well as the smooth. I guess I'll have to take the rough with the smooth.

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