Bête Noire5:10
Elliott Calls (Interim)0:20
With Angels5:00
Lynn And Nicolas Call (Interim)0:41
Bane (Septic Insurgent Remix)6:52
With Angels (Trifonic Remix)4:03
Bane (Architect Remix)7:01
Nihilum (Anxst Remix)5:00
Bête Noire (Deadfader Remix)4:49

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    Cover of Avenger, 2011-09-09, CDAvenger
    CD, Album
    Hymen Records – ¥792Germany2011Germany2011
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    Cover of Avenger, 2011-09-09, CDAvenger
    CD, Album, Limited Edition; Box Set
    Hymen Records – ¥792.2Germany2011Germany2011
    Cover of Avenger, 2011-09-09, FileAvenger
    15×File, FLAC, Album
    Hymen Records – ¥792Germany2011Germany2011
    Cover of Avenger, 2011-09-09, FileAvenger
    15×File, MP3, Album320 kbps
    Hymen Records – ¥792Germany2011Germany2011


    • marks's avatar
      Edited 9 years ago
      HECQ have been consumed by the plague that is dubstep, the once mighty fortress of innovation who is Benny Boysen has been gutted and overrun by this odious fad masquerading as a style. Is nothing sacred anymore? Is this the same guy who brought us the godlike album 'Night Falls'? Yes, I'm afraid it is. If you like dumbly stepping, here's more to add to your collection of soundalikes. Enjoy tottering down the stairs to the literal basement of creativity before you crash head first into the crassly commercial swan song of yet another artist who has given up the ghost and decided to pack it in. I am absolutely disgusted by this, the abilities that this guy has and he's pissing it away giddily. You who own the limited run of this album, don't forget to wear your goggles with that mask... perhaps accessorize with some oversized shoes and a bright red rubber nose.

      This record isn't even that long and is padded with remixes also, so when you shell out your moolah to get it, know that in a little over half an hour you'll have heard it all. And don't try to sell me on him adding his own 'take' to this 'genre', there isn't anything new here... it is as though he's been listening to others who pump out this dreck and decided to stamp his name on some of it. There's no coming back from 'Avenger' ,HECQ is for other people to enjoy now and not remotely interesting to me whatsoever anymore.

      Good day.

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