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Side X
Don't Say I'm Here3:34
Broken Hearts3:30
Propaganda Frustration6:46
Selling So Sweet2:46
Another Dimension4:51
Side Y
Do Something4:41
Invisible Prisons3:42
Machine Muzik4:18
Silent Walking7:01

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3 versions
Cover of No Visible Means, 1984, VinylNo Visible Means
LP, Album
Pterodactyl Records (2) – PR 001-01, Pterodactyl Records (2) – PTERECO PR00101Canada1984Canada1984
Recently Edited
Cover of No Visible Means, 2011-09-08, VinylNo Visible Means
LP, Album, Limited Edition, Numbered, Reissue, Remastered
Medical Records LLC – MR-009US2011US2011
Recently Edited
Cover of No Visible Means, 2011, VinylNo Visible Means
LP, Album, Promo, Reissue, Test Pressing
Medical Records LLC – MR-009US2011US2011
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MISTER_DIA-TRIBE_73's avatar
Edited 4 years ago
Like an electronic version of King Crimson with the madness of Arthur Brown (A crazy world of...) and Drexciya...I think? Either way this music is pretty bloody amazing! And to think he made a lot of his own machines to produce such an incredible one-man-band sound is nothing short of brilliance! ;) Propaganda Frustration is Techno! And if it isn't electro techno then I obviously do not know what electro techno is ?! ;) This is not Detroit but it's very close to that border. This album is sh*t h*t. You dig? ;)