Various - 00 : 50 as reviewed by Lovehoteldistrict

January 9, 2018
referencing 00 : 50, 2x12", Comp, SOMA 050
Maas - Fallen Arches is a real gem, old melodic deep house that still sounds fresh today.

Various - 00 : 50 as reviewed by FoxTechno

August 23, 2008
referencing 00 : 50, CD, Comp, Soma 50cd

This CD has some deep and wonderful techno and deep electronic grooves. Was searching for a track on here since 1995 Envoy Acres of space. ever since i heard it on Colin Dale show on kiss 100fm. One day decide to try shazam at tagging the song and it came up as Envoy.
Anyway this track on this CD has me going every time i hear it. One sweet synth and pad song, the of beat type of techno i love from this great artist. check it out.
Also funk d'void kincho what a track moving and powerful listen to your ears.
give this one a try.