Direct - Let It Ride as reviewed by vinylman.fl

June 21, 2018
referencing Let It Ride, 12", AL-1
The keyboard loop on "Let It Ride" is sampled from Dynamix (6) - I Just Wanna Dance.

Direct - Let It Ride (Remix) as reviewed by Jerooom

December 12, 2015
referencing Let It Ride (Remix), 12", RS 916
For me, Techno Gone Mad has always been a massive favourite and the stand out track on this record.. Controversial among 'Let It Ride' lovers , but that suggestive bassline and concrete beat do the bizness every time ! Mad that Beltram was insanely on fire during 1990 but Energy Flash is all anyone seems to remember !

Direct - Let It Ride as reviewed by Frontosa

March 27, 2008
referencing Let It Ride, 12", AL-1

The track "Let it Ride" is a masterpiece. It could not be better. Joey Beltram has basically given us an electro track from a techno musician's viewpoint. No Cheese, no filler, no weak beats, only pure force, pure power. I am from New York City and since the 80's I have grown up around an abundance of terrible, horrible, corny-ass freestyle! You know, that wack stuff with the terrible vocals and tinny, weak beats. They play it on the radio all the time here in NYC.

Well, this takes all those preconceived notions of what freestyle "should" be and throws them out.

The samples used are sparing yet perfect, perfect, perfect. One of them has a guy saying "Didn't I show you love, show you love", and it reminds one of an actual freestyle track with words, only this has all the crap and cheesy message removed.

Also sampled is a woman (latin sounding?) saying "I I I Don't, I I I Don't, I Don't Know", perfectly.

Probably my favorite part of this track is the breakdown with air raid sirens. They sound far off, ominous, and dangerous, just like the beats. The snares and high hat on this record are sharp, quick and deadly!! I feel as if they are very thought out. Everything on this record doesn't seem like a happy accident in the studio.. it has the feel of a very thought out project. But what do I know?? Maybe Joey Beltram did this in one hour while smokin mad weed!

Direct - Let It Ride 8892sales

March 6, 2012
referencing Let It Ride, 12", AL-1

Couldn't agree more. Though I absolutely love the remix aswell.

Direct - Let It Ride (Remix) as reviewed by Frontosa

August 8, 2007
edited over 11 years ago
referencing Let It Ride (Remix), 12", RS 916

"Let it Ride" the Remix is almost identical to the original, except with a few minor differences. In the first major breakdown, the air raid sirens are at half speed in the Remix, and towords the end, the last breakdown has differemt vocal samples in the two different versions. Subtle differences, but if I had to choose, the original still reigns far supreme. The Remix is like a slightly less good version of the original.

Direct - Let It Ride as reviewed by brelson

March 29, 2005
edited over 14 years ago
referencing Let It Ride, 12", AL-1
This early Beltram EP displays a strong electro influence, although the standout track for me is the atmospheric techno cut "The Dream". Its sound is reminiscent of some early UR tracks ("The Light" on Acid Rain 1 comes to mind) although with less of an emphasis on the TB-303.