Dave SeamanRenaissance: The Masters Series


Renaissance: The Masters Series - Dave Seaman - Mix 11:01:34
Renaissance: The Masters Series - Dave Seaman - Mix 21:04:21

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    Cover of Renaissance: The Masters Series, 2011-10-10, CDRenaissance: The Masters Series
    2×CD, Mixed
    Renaissance – RENEW01CDUK2011UK2011
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    Cover of Renaissance: The Masters Series, 2011-10-10, FileRenaissance: The Masters Series
    2×File, MP3, Mixed
    Renaissance – RENEW01CDMSUK2011UK2011
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    • Tapestries's avatar
      I have to disagree with the rest of the reviewers here, I thought it was the worst mix he has done for many years. Really cheesy music which at points make you cringe. In disagreement with Nic i think masters 14 is his best mix to date masters 10 is also very good. I hope Dave isn't slipping back into playing the generic cheesy dance music he used to play.
      • spoons's avatar
        Edited 9 years ago
        I've just put disc 1 in my car CD player for the third time and I've heard disc 2 twice. I only bought the thing three days ago and I've worked 8 hours every day, so basically almost all my spare time has been spent listening to this! That's how good this is! A return to form for DJ and label. Disc 1 is great and I usually much prefer the first disc on a 2 disc mix compilation, but in this case disc 2 is better, for me anyway. The build is great to about track 7 then it plateaus and builds again to absolutely floor you with track 10 (track 10 and 11 are either the wrong way around in the list above or on the CD cover). Then it closes out sublimely with a superb combination of Pitanga and Lifetimes. One thing I have to mention is that on a lot of the transitions the first kick drum beat sounds out of sync just a little. Anyone else notice it? Why is that? Also, unlike the first reviewer, I don't hear any Tech-House or Techno but then genre boundaries are very blurred these days. And minimal, on Renaissance? No comment! Update: Just bought Tale of Us, so Renaissance are doing minimal, but still there's none on this to spoil it!
        • NicScarlet's avatar
          I agree with Tech_Life. It was very sad hearing Renaissance went into administration last year..... yet now are re-born with a new mix from Mr Seaman. I already own almost every mix he's ever released going back to the days of Stress Records, so would have bought this anyway - but this is a real return to form for Dave following a couple of forgettable minimal, tech-house mixes (The Masters Part 14 etc.) which you can find far better examples of elsewhere (Circoloco Monday Morning Sessions etc.). Some may say Seaman's at the tail end of his career, but based on this, the end is not in sight yet.
          • Tech_Life's avatar
            Just a great album by the man Mr. Seaman. Disc 1 (or Mix 1 for digital) is fantastic and every track is good not one you need to skip. Disc 2 is more peak hour techno/tech house and is also good but not up to disc one's standards. This was a great way for Renaissance to make there comeback the year after going into administration, I'm so glad there back and hope there hear to stay. Renaissance has been one of my favorite labels since I got into EDM back in '99 and when they left I felt like I lost a piece of electronic music history. Now there back and its nice to see Dave kick it off with a bang.

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