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Kuedo - Severant album cover



Visioning Shared Tomorrows2:02
Ant City3:24
Whisper Fate2:45
Onset (Escapism)3:02
Truth Flood3:42
Reality Drift2:18
Ascension Phase2:50
Salt Lake Cuts5:12
Seeing The Edges3:37
Flight Path4:45
Shutter Light Girl1:07
As We Lie Promising0:56
Memory Rain3:43

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9 versions
Cover of Severant, 2011-10-17, FileSeverant
15×File, MP3, Album
Planet Mu – ZIQ309UK2011UK2011
Cover of Severant, 2011-10-17, VinylSeverant
LP, Album
Planet Mu – ZIQ309Europe2011Europe2011
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Cover of Severant, 2011-10-17, CDSeverant
CD, Album
Planet Mu – ZIQ309CDUK2011UK2011
Recently Edited
CDr, Album, Promo
Planet Mu – noneUK2011UK2011
Cover of Severant, 2011-10-17, CassetteSeverant
Cassette, Album
Planet Mu – ZIQ309MCUK2011UK2011
15×File, AAC, Album
256 kbps
Planet Mu – none20112011
LP, Album, Test Pressing
Planet Mu – ZIQ 309UK2011UK2011
Cover of Severant, 2011-10-00, FileSeverant
15×File, FLAC, Album
Planet Mu – ZIQ309Europe2011Europe2011
Cover of Severant, 2011, CDrSeverant
CDr, Album, Promo
Planet Mu – ZIQ309UK2011UK2011
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goldencalves's avatar
why the hell has this not been repressed. absolutely time for a 10 year anniversary repressing, preferably cut across 2xLP PLEASE
ricstultz's avatar
Was concerned about the number of tracks on each side sacrificing sound quality, but my concern was unwarranted. Great sounding pressing. The low end rattled my windows.
thebiglebowski's avatar
This definitely needs a double LP repress. Fantastic album, as someone mentioned – ahead of its time.
viixxxmcmxc's avatar
I would really like to buy this tape if anyone would be willing to sell it. Please send me a message if you are.
jnclknt's avatar
This record was about three years ahead of its time—still slept on I think.
kubcek's avatar
Edited 10 years ago
I still do not understand why you would cram up 8 tracks on one side of a vinyl - and never will.
thecoloroflight's avatar
This is an album that mind-bogglingly succeeds at integrating the skittering rhythms and energy of Chicago Juke/Footwork into classic early-'80s electronic and ambient music, stabilizing the entire package with cinematic elements that are not, surprisingly, cheesy at all. During 2011 and 2010, I found it very interesting how dance producers are approaching the Juke/Footwork aesthetic currently gaining amazing amounts of international critique, and either recontextualising the style into a more popular one or, like the label Planet Mu, taking it on almost as their child savant, giving it space to grow and show off its raw and unadulterated talent. Planet Mu also gives the hi-fi vinyl treatment to straight-up Chicago Juke and Footwork which popularized itself by cellphone and Youtube videos—what a riot, that is. From what I can gather, this style has taken a saturation of pop and hip hop music inevitably found throughout the South Side of Chicago (and, like, everywhere else) and set it out to dry—no, wrung it tight in strong hands, forced dry in seconds—letting any remaining dampness bake and sizzle in the sun. The crustiness of the scorched pop and hip hop rag begins to disintegrate, and each particle is used to decorate urban monuments of fractured, perpetually crumbling mainstream relics. To this decorating, Kuedo contributes using long, wide brushstrokes of syrupy, oil-based paint.