Jimmy PageHip Young Guitar Slinger: Jimmy Page And His Heavy Friends


Carter-Lewis & Southerners*Who Told You1:36
Gregory Phillips (2)Angie1:57
Gregory Phillips (2)Please Believe Me1:51
Carter-Lewis & Southerners*Somebody Told My Girl2:39
Carter-Lewis & Southerners*Skinnie Minnie2:39
Wayne GibsonKelly2:35
Wayne GibsonSee You Later Alligator2:23
The KinksRevenge1:29
The KinksBald-Headed Woman2:41
First Gear*A Certain Girl2:20
First Gear*Leave My Kitten Alone2:21
The Primitives (2)Help Me3:38
The Primitives (2)Let Them Tell2:14
The LancastriansWe'll Sing In The Sunshine2:36
The LancastriansWas She Tall2:06
The Primitives (2)You Said2:18
The Primitives (2)How Do You Feel2:23
First Gear*The 'In' Crowd2:25
First Gear*Gotta Make Their Future Bright2:00
The Fifth AvenueThe Bells Of Rhymney2:52
The Fifth AvenueJust Like Anyone Would Do2:21
Nico (3)I'm Not Sayin'2:49
Nico (3)The Last Mile2:29
Gregory Phillips (2)Down In The Boondocks2:38
Gregory Phillips (2)That's The One2:38
The MastermindsShe Belongs To Me2:44
The MastermindsTaken My Love2:47
Eric Clapton, John Mayall & The BluesbreakersI'm Your Witchdoctor2:11
Eric Clapton, John Mayall & The BluesbreakersTelephone Blues3:56
Eric Clapton, John Mayall & The BluesbreakersOn Top Of The World2:46
Les Fleur De LysMoondreams2:27
Les Fleur De LysWait For Me2:22
The LancastriansThe World Keeps Going Round2:25
The LancastriansNot The Same Anymore2:12
The FactotumsCan't Go Home Anymore My Love2:10
The Fleur De Lys*Circles3:02
The Fleur De Lys*So, Come On1:49
Twice As MuchSittin' On A Fence3:10
Twice As MuchStep Out Of Line3:05
Chris FarloweMoanin'2:34
Eric Clapton & Jimmy PageChoker1:05
Eric Clapton & Jimmy PageFreight Loader2:48
Eric Clapton & Jimmy PageMiles Road2:25
Eric Clapton & Jimmy PageDraggin' My Tail3:08
The All Stars* With Jimmy PageL.A. Breakdown2:05
The All Stars* With Jimmy PageDown In The Boots3:24
Eric ClaptonSnake Drive2:08
Eric ClaptonWest Coast Idea2:18
Eric ClaptonTribute To Elmore2:08
The AllStars* With Jeff BeckChuckles2:21
The AllStars* With Jeff BeckSteelin'2:08
The AllStars* With Nicky HopkinsPiano Shuffle2:58
Cyril Davies And His Rhythm And Blues All StarsNot Fade Away2:15

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    Cover of Hip Young Guitar Slinger: Jimmy Page And His Heavy Friends, 2000, CDHip Young Guitar Slinger: Jimmy Page And His Heavy Friends
    2×CD, Compilation
    Sequel Records – NEECD 486UK2000UK2000
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    Cover of Hip Young Guitar Slinger: Jimmy Page And His Heavy Friends, 2007, CDHip Young Guitar Slinger: Jimmy Page And His Heavy Friends
    2×CD, Compilation, Reissue
    Castle Music – CMQDD 1532, Sanctuary – CMQDD 1532Europe2007Europe2007
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    Hip Young Guitar Slinger: Jimmy Page And His Heavy Friends
    2×CD, Compilation, Unofficial Release
    Sequel Records (5) – NEECD 486Russia2018Russia2018
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    • drgroove66's avatar
      I'm afraid too much NoNoise or similar device was applied here. It sounds muffled, dull and lifeless compared to older vinyl compilations, e.g. AIP Session Man vols. I / II.
      • LeonardoA's avatar
        Jimmy Page began his musical career as a session musician but first received great fame as a guitarist of the British band The Yardbirds. When this band fell apart in 1968 suggested Page a new band together, called Led Zeppelin. With this band he would be known as one of the pioneers of hard rock.

        After the death of drummer John Bonham in 1980, the band fell apart. Since then took Page still three albums with Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant, namely The Honeydrippers: Volume One (1984), No quarter (1994) and Walking into Clarksdale (1998). He also made the album Lovin' up a storm with former Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones and occasional formations with various other artists. In the late 1980s tried Page a new band with Paul Rodgers (Free and Bad Company) under the name The Firm. This band never came off the ground. Would Page with various other artists enter into partnerships, among other things with Black Crowes and David Coverdale (the album Coverdale/Page). He also scored another hit with Puff Daddy: Come With Me.
        • WhiteCamry's avatar
          "The 'In' Crowd" was composed by Billy Page, not Jimmy Page. They're not related.

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