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Tantric Porno6:13
The High Frequency6:51
Sometimes Words4:38
Clean Sweep3:53
Yellow Turban7:38
Be A Fish4:42
Tapir Song7:32

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Version DetailsData Quality
Cover of Amanita, 1996-04-09, VinylAmanita
2×LP, Album
Matador – Ole 180-1US1996US1996
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Cover of Amanita, 1996, CDAmanita
CD, Album
Matador – OLE 180-2, Drunken Fish Records – OLE 180-2US1996US1996
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Cover of High Frequencies, 1996, CassetteHigh Frequencies
Cassette, Album, Promo
Matador – OLE4-180PUS1996US1996
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Cover of Amanita, 1996, CassetteAmanita
Cassette, Album
Matador – Ole 180-4US1996US1996
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Cover of Amanita, 1996, CDAmanita
CD, Album
Matador – OLE 180-2, Drunken Fish Records – OLE 180-2, Matador – Ole 180-2, Drunken Fish Records – Ole 180-2
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Cover of Amanita, 1997, CDAmanita
CD, Album
Jewel Case
Matador – Ole 180-2, Drunken Fish Records – noneUS1997US1997
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Cover of Amanita, 2021-11-05, VinylAmanita
2×LP, Album, Limited Edition, Reissue
Matador – OLE 1764-LPUS2021US2021
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  • muthubuntu's avatar
    Edited 2 months ago
    Doing some A/B with my original... I like what they did with this remaster, to be honest... the original is more dynamic in the highs, but the reissue corrects this, adding more mid to the mix, and more richness in the bottom end. The original is more compressed all around, and this remaster definitely opens up the sound quite a bit... I like it, and hope they end up doing the rest of the Matador albums, as there will no doubt be the same experience with those brilliant songs...
    • snpinlv's avatar
      Yeah, pretty crackly despite multiple attempts at cleaning, etc. My original sounds better.
      • SooBawls's avatar
        This is one of the albums I've most wanted to see reissued and I'm glad to have a copy. Mine arrived with extensive surface noise (you try zoning out to "Tantric Porno" with a loud pop every few seconds), but it mostly vanished after machine cleaning. I think these just arrived very statically charged from the plant, considering how the discs clung to the inner sleeves at first. I don't have an original to compare it to, but my original pressing of Dilate has more detail and atmosphere. This reissue didn't deliver quite the same revelatory "hearing it for the first time" effect, but I still recommend it.
        • rocanrol's avatar
          Edited 5 months ago
          A shame the reissue is not black vinyl, it puts me off buying it.. EDIT: I ended up getting it anyway, couldn't help it having lost my 1996 copy! Sounds great, can't stop playing it, comparing FLAC downloads of the 1st and remaster editions the reissue seems slightly darker, a tad fuller in lower/mid freqs? Really looking forward to Matador's Bardo Pond next reissues, still it'd be great they make them in black vinyl
          • Boomboxx's avatar
            Sounds great to me. No issues, quiet and dynamic. Really glad I can finally own this at a decent price.
            • jasonhudson9's avatar
              First copy had a gash at the start of side 3 - second copy is mint. So glad I own a copy of this one. Such a buzz to finally have this on vinyl. Good flat sound too.
              • NullZoneDistro's avatar
                I've gotten 2 separate sealed copies of this album with the same defects: extensive crackle and pop, surface noise, and a scratch that plays through most of "Be A Fish" on Side C. I would avoid buying this if you have any other versions already.
                • blair2100's avatar
                  In case anyone was wondering, the 2 extra songs are Clean Sweep and Brambles. They were on the original 2 LP set but not the cd and now not digitally. It's pretty rad that a band made an album longer than a single CD would allow back in 96. This is my first time owning the LP and I love it. Much more dynamic than the CD, you can hear what's buried under the noise better. Personally I like the redone cover. Also of interest this is the first time I've gotten a record from Matador in the last 15 years without a download code, not that I need it. Preordered this in April and I'm glad it finally made it to me. Highly recommend!
                  • mandomtz's avatar
                    Nice ,flat loud and dynamic pressing but the OG has more punch and atmosphere to it Not to mention matador screwed up the original artwork with the Gatefold sleeve(OG is not a gatefold) and different colors. But that fact that this album got a repress at all is a triumph. A lo-fi psychedelic masterpiece from one of the most underrated band of the 90's I'm not sure I need both an OG and this copy but I'm a sucker like that...
                    • Horrorca's avatar
                      pre-order is up:

                      should be p good - no need to pay three figures anymore!