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    Cover of The Remixes, 1991, VinylThe Remixes
    12", 45 RPM
    Triple Helix Records – TXXX1, Triple Helix Records – TXXX 1UK1991UK1991
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    Cover of The Remixes, 1991, VinylThe Remixes
    12", White Label, Promo, 45 RPM, Stamped
    Triple Helix Records – TXXX 1UK1991UK1991
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    Cover of White EP, 1991, VinylWhite EP
    12", EP, White Label, 45 RPM, Stamped
    Triple Helix Records – TXXX1UK1991UK1991
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    Cover of The Remixes, 2020-12-18, FileThe Remixes
    4×File, MP3, Reissue, Remastered, 320 Kbps
    Not On Label (Automation Self-released) – noneUK2020UK2020
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    Cover of The Remixes, 2022-08-00, VinylThe Remixes
    12", 45 RPM, Reissue, Remastered, Test Pressing
    Triple Helix Records – TXXX1, Music Preservation Society – TXXX1UK2022UK2022
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    Cover of The Remixes, 2023-11-00, VinylThe Remixes
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Reissue, Remastered, Stereo
    Triple Helix Records – TXXX1, Music Preservation Society – TXXX1UK2023UK2023
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    • 8892sales's avatar
      To be honest, I'm surprised not many people have gone for this reissue. Admittedly, original copies do float about, so not mega rare. Yet in comparison, there are many well overblown, multiple pressed and obvious tunes out there which seem to receive endless exposure and promotion.

      I purchased a couple of copies for personal use when this reissue was first pressed. The mastering is very similar, to my ears anyway, as the actual 1991 original. Sometimes modern represses take away the original authenticity but this seems to have retained some of it.

      There has been some discussion regarding a jump on the original 1991 issue of Automation - The Remixes - Espionage at a specific place. I'd previously noticed this too with more than one copy. However, a few years back I added a bit more force with the cartridge on that specific point whilst moving the record backwards. This seems to have corrected the issue. Even the subtle click associated with it has disappeared. Looks like there's a subtle pressing flaw with the grooves, perhaps too narrow, which become misshapen causing the skip. This occurred on more than one copy I owned. In any case, I've played this reissue and there are none of those idiosyncrasies as far as I can tell.

      One other thing to point out is that the intro of the original 1991 of Automation - The Remixes - Espionage is a fade in whilst this has the intro played at the same volume from the start, ultimately a more coherent sequence and better for those who want to DJ mix.

      I'm not one for recommendations as everyone has different tastes and shouldn't be force fed. But people who had missed out on the original, are fans of Automation and have always wanted the tunes on this record but for some reason never got round to picking one up should give this a go. Their whole back catalogue should be a 1991 Hardcore Techno DJ's / collector's weapons of choice in my opinion, there's always a hidden gem lurking somewhere even amongst the bigger classics.
      • jam1's avatar
        Edited 3 years ago
        Anyone else noticed that Espionage Remix skips about a minute into the track before the Hammond organ kicks in? Near enough every copy of this I have managed to get skipped at point in the tune?
        • serenade's avatar
          What chewn! Pacemaker remix grabs you by the scruff of your neck - automatic push automatic choke - followed by that riff! Love it to bits - original style - prices keep creeping up - is it worth £20.00? Compared to new music I say yes - I'm not selling by the way. Stomper. All tracks are huge - Bring back 1991 warehouses and unite with real music once again.
          • hardcoreveteran's avatar
            Espionage remix well what can i say allways been a personal fave and without a doubt oldschool hardcore at its finest,peace.
            • PHOOEY's avatar
              Edited 11 years ago
              Agree with the kleez & vortex; an apex reached here in rave music. Espionage remix was caned by Top Buzz & guaranteed mayhem on the floor, especially when the ice cream van made/makes an appearance at 2.40mins. Check it on the tube...
     (no longer works, so try this)....
              •'s avatar
                Edited 16 years ago
                This is one of the best records of all times (till now), at least thats my opinion.
                But it is in my top 10 for shure!
                This is a rare record, and it took me more than 12 years to finaly get one copy!
                I was a lucky man when i found it in a bargain bin for only 2 euro's.
                But lets talk about the music...all 4 tracks are pure masterpieces, but my favorite track is Espionage (Remix).
                Awsome breakbeat with that typical mellow organ sound that really fills the dancefloor when played.
                Add some bleepy sounds ,a fat rolling bass to it, & bang!, there is the track that has me gripped 15 years ago.
                Doomsday (Remix)is also a real crowd pleaser, a happy tune, with a funky piano riff, but so lovely & still hardcore.
                Buy this record!!
                • VortexBoy's avatar
                  Edited 3 years ago
                  A TOTALLY STONKING release, showing what talent these guys had and probably still do (what happened to them - anyone know?). All four tracks superb, no waste or fillers. A highly collectable release (as are many of the other releases) which will, I believe, prove to be one of electronic music's gems in years to come.

                  And yes, the only true nature

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