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    Cover of Dropped Pianos, 2011-10-10, CDDropped Pianos
    CD, EP
    Kranky – krank161US2011US2011
    Cover of Dropped Pianos, 2011-11-28, VinylDropped Pianos
    LP, EP
    Kranky – krank161US2011US2011
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    Cover of Dropped Pianos, 2011-10-10, FileDropped Pianos
    9×File, FLAC, EP
    Kranky – krank16120112011
    Cover of Dropped Pianos, 2011-10-10, FileDropped Pianos
    9×File, MP3, EP
    320 kbps
    Kranky – KRANK161US2011US2011
    New Submission
    Cover of Dropped Pianos, 2011-10-10, FileDropped Pianos
    9×File, AIFF, EP
    Kranky – krank161US2011US2011
    New Submission


    • yates7592's avatar
      Just an incredible album, you can just float away to another place, don't hesitate to buy. Seriously addictive music. My vinyl copy is a great pressing.
      • lewzis's avatar
        Great album, however my copy is very warped and ruins the ambient sound
        • trabajo's avatar
          the shadow of tim hecker must have been wandering somewhere between the lines of the HOOD albums in the 90's. Try "rustic houses forlorn valleys" and listen to this sparse ambient piano notes (melt with thick reverb)
          • Hardcoder's avatar
            I love this release. Personal, intimate, gentle, melancholic and beautiful, it almost outshines Ravedeath (I listen to this more often). The beautiful soft piano meanderings are a nice stylistic alternative to the crunchiness of Ravedeath.
            • erikdrink's avatar
              I bought this album some time ago and have been listening to it fairly regularly. Time Hecker is an artist I truly respect due to his work. If you want to get a good listening experience, do buy this album!

              • Mr.strange's avatar
                this album is a form of tragic beauty and left us speechless.if you never liked Tim Hecker try this one just listen and doze away. ......hello dont forget to wake up again.mister Hecker is a truly master of his style and so a greath musician!
                Thank you for the music,can't wait on the next one!

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