JaquariusLove Is Happiness


Love Is Happiness (Club Mix)7:08
Love Is Happiness (Instrumental Mix)4:14
Love Is Happiness (Radio Mix)3:24
Love Is Happiness (Acid Rain)6:23
Love Is Happiness (Acid Love)6:37

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    Cover of Love Is Happiness, 1988, VinylLove Is Happiness
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Stereo
    Rockin' House – RH010US1988US1988
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    Cover of Love Is Happiness, 1988, VinylLove Is Happiness
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Reissue
    Rockin' House – RH010US1988US1988
    Cover of Love Is Happiness, 2017, VinylLove Is Happiness
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Reissue
    Rockin' House – RH010US2017US2017
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    • castledon's avatar
      In my top three of acid tunes!!number one is Acid Attack by Mr Fingers,this comes at two,number three We Are Phuture...but can someone give me the pattern programming?
      • MattMMM's avatar
        Just me then that adores the Instrumental Mix? :-)
        • gillylhb1's avatar
          An all-time favourite track of mine (Acid Rain) so I had to try this repress which is cheap at the moment. The sound quality is just about ok but as another comment below says the drums and percussion seem very quiet compared to the original pressing (and the version on YouTube) which is a shame as I was excited about getting my hands on a copy of this acid house classic. Not sure if I can recommend this but if its your only chance to get a copy then buy it. Also, if you've never heard the original press then definitely get this! What an outrageous track, best acid line ever!!
          • jondavey's avatar
            So the general consensus is in line with what Jeffroye1 says about the 2017 re-press then ? It's lacking. Gutted.
            • MISTER_DIA-TRIBE_73's avatar
              Edited 6 years ago
              Heard this on Chris Forbes show in the UK in 88. Funky acid, sizzling percussion and slowed down crashing sounds like the waves. Hypnotic. Perfect!
              • I_Dig_Houston's avatar
                The Acid Rain version on this is my favorite Acid House song ever. So, I did a backflip when I saw the reissue online and bought it immediately. Once I played it my heart sank. The B-side, the one I bought it for, sounds like the top half of its range is gone. There is decent bass but the mid and treble sound like garbage. The percussion doesn't cut through at all, neither do the thunderous crashes in the back. Everything sounds weird and phased out, YouTube sounds oddly better. The Aside is like the inverse where it's all bright and a little lacking in the sub bass. There should have been way more effort put into the mastering. I hoped and dreamed forever for this release and now that I've got it I feel I need to save up $60-100 for an original.
                • OCCIDENTAL's avatar
                  Most desired reissue of the last decade for me.
                  I don't have an original copy to compare this to, but it sounds just fine.
                  • norepetitivebeats's avatar
                    Like god farting in the bath Acid Rain is sublime.
                    • ebbelwoihalsenei's avatar
                      is this repress out yet ? At least 10 words must be entered
                      • mr.smithson's avatar
                        Jaquarius- What can you say about this track.. Monstrous...terrifying..This absolutely tore the roof off the Hacienda back in the day.. would love to hear this dropped in somewhere like Pacha in IBZ on a sound system truly worthy of it.
                        The 303 was made for this track. House music never felt so sick.

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